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Easy DIY Wooden Valentine Signs

Spruce up your Valentine’s decor with these simple dollar store wooden Valentine signs. These sweet Valentine signs are easy to make using dollar store supplies and I think they look nice enough to be kept up year around in a girl’s bedroom.

A farmhouse style hall tree decorated with pink Valentine decor and pretty farmhouse DIY Valentine signs.

DIY Wooden Valentine Sign Supplies

You can make these DIY wooden Valentine signs using all wood frames from the dollar store, you don’t even need to reverse the frame, just paint them.

Two Valentine wood signs with white backgrounds and natural wood frames, one says love and the second one a layered cardboard heart. Both signs are accessorized with pretty felt balls in shades of pink and brown.

How to Make This Sign for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Sign Supplies

Besides the little frames, you will need:

  • white, grey, and soft pink craft paint
  • tiny paintbrush
  • Love sign free printable pattern.
  • Dollar store pre-done Valentine hearts or cardboard.
  • Hot glue, or E6000.
  • Pink felt garland or a felt balls

Start by painting two coats of white paint inside your wooden frame, try not to get any on the sides. You can run a length of painter’s tape along the inside of the frame but I just used a small paintbrush to paint along the edges. Let the paint dry between coats.

Once dry download and print out the Love pattern. Use a pencil to trace the letters on the back of the pattern.

Free downloadable LOVE word pattern for making a sign.

Center the pattern over your frame and press over the letters several times so that the pencil lead transfers onto your frame. This works because the background is white.

Using a tiny paintbrush and soft grey craft. paint over the letters.

Hand painted word LOVE on a dollar store frame with natural sides and white background.  Done while making a Valentine wood sign craft.

Paint the large heart with soft pink paint. Let dry. You may want to do a second coat, I needed two coats for mine.

The pattern includes a second little heart to show the placement of a small cardboard Valentine. Using a cardboard heart makes the two small signs coordinate with each other. If you’re not making both signs you can paint the second heart a soft gold cream or dark pink instead.

Two wood Valentine wood sign with white background, and natural wood frame. One sign says Love the other one has a layered brown Valentine. Both pictures are draped with pretty felt ball garland.

Adding the Felt Ball Garland

The little swag of felt balls is made using multi-coloured felt balls, strung onto a string then glued to the back of the frame. I cut the felt balls from a long garland I have had forever. Although you can find very similar ones at the dollar store. I trimmed a small section, looped it over the front of the frame, and attached the string to the back with a staple. If you don’t have a large staple gun, I would use hot glue or a thumb tack instead.

Small DIY Valentine Sign

To make the second handmade Valentine sign I used these simple cardboard Valentines also from the dollar store. If you don’t have the pre-done hearts, just draw a simple Valentine shape on some plain cardboard and cut it out.

A package of dollar store paper valentines sitting on a frame; The supplies for making a simple farmhouse Valentine craft.

Layer the cardboard hearts on top of each other with a little bit of hot glue between each layer.

Once you attach the cardboard Valentines on top of each other, use hot glue to attach the Valentines to the frame backing.

A stack of brown Valentines being applies to a farmhouse frame using hot glue.

I love how these handmade Valentine’s Day signs turned out. They are pretty and the minimalist style makes them usable any time of year.

pretty DIY home pin it logo with a house icon.
Two farmhouse DIY Wooden Valentine signs made with paint and a free pattern. One sign says love and the second sign is smaller with a neutral beige valentine center. Both are sitting on a white wood shelf on a hall tree.

Valentine Cushion

If you’re looking for another DIY Valentine’s decoration you can use any time of year, check out this easy XOX farmhouse cushion. The applique is done as one piece making this cushion much easier to make. My teenage granddaughter loved it.

Valentine Wooden Beads

This simple DIY Valentine’s wooden bead string is easy to make and I gave it some extra Valentine’s bling using clip-on glitter beads. Like the other two DIY projects, this bead string can be used any time of year but is still awesome for Valentine’s Day.

Jenny Lynn


  1. So fun for any style! Super easy to make, too. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Very cute Valentine decor, Leanna, and love how inexpensive they are to make!

  3. Simple, inexpensive and so pretty. I love crafts like this, especially for Valentine’s day. It’s meaningful without breaking the bank.

    1. Thank you Michelle, exactly. I am not a big romance fan, hubs gets a homemade treat, I get flowers. Then I try and do some sort of craft mainly because I feel guilty doing Nothing, and I love pink!

  4. I ma huge sign lover snd these are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kristi. Thank you. I love signs as well, they are such an easy way to decorate.

  5. I love the pops of pink ! The beads are great love everything! Your new blog looks amazing

    1. Thank you very much Maria. I have a bit more work to do tweaking it, but I am so happy with the new name.

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