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Neutral Christmas Table Centerpiece

Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece on a Budget

Do you ever find the simplest of things brings you the most joy? Thats what this Christmas table centerpiece did for me. If your like me and don’t have a stand alone dining room it can be really hard to come up with a Christmas table centerpiece on a budget. And, if your home is open concept a nice Christmas table centerpiece is an important part of Christmas decorating. his year I am really happy with this small neutral DIY Christmas centerpiece I made for our kitchen table.

Mason Jars with neutral Christmas decor in a Christmas centerpiece

Christmas Table Centerpiece Supplies

Here is the items that I used from around my home, the only thing I purchased was floating candles from the dollar store. If you don’t have the jars check the thrift store, or use old spaghetti jars. The greenery can be anything you love, and if you don’t have a galvanized plate bottom, use a dollar tree plate charger, or a wood ring slice, or round platter. Here is what I used.

  • Two vintage mason jars of different heights
  • White Twine
  • Greenery
  • Galvanized plate charger
  • White plate charger
  • Pinecones
  • Dollar Tree Snowflakes

How to Make a Sinple Christmas Table Centerpiece

This simple Christmas centerpiece is so easy to make it and turned out so sparkly and pretty I couldn’t believe it. Making a Christmas centerpiece on a budget is usually about using something you have on hand, or can find at the dollar store. Pretty is great, but this time of year pretty for as cheap as possible is even better.

To decorate the Christmas table cheaply start shopping at home, or outdoors if your able to. For the base of this centerpiece I found a galvanized tray and a white plate charger I had in storage. Other ideas would be a small wood box, or three pieces of pallet wood placed together, a round platter, a wood round, or a cutting board. Just use something that is solid and you can move easily when it meal time.

Next use a simple garland of greenery and wrapped it around the plate charger. A plain greenery wreath would be easier, or little bunches of greenery, fresh holly, or dollar store red berries.

Next we will fill and decorate the two jars. I have vintage mason jars in my stash from years of garage sales. You could use dollar store vases but I think jars work better as they are kitchen themed. I really enjoy how the mason jar rings match the galvanized tray. If you don’t have mason jars use any jars you can find, spaghetti sauce jars are about the same size. Otherwise thrift stores often have mountains of old jars you can get for $1. Instead of the vintage jar rings, tie on some coordinating dollar store twine or baker’s twine.

Fill the larger of the jars half full of water. I chose not to add any water to the small jar. Once I placed in the dollar store floating candles place the jars into the centerpiece. Then I grabbed some small white snowflakes and scattered them on the greenery. Ten minutes later including searching for supplies, this simple DIY Christmas centerpiece was done.

An easy DIY Christmas centerpiece in green and white with floating candles in mason jars.

Unfortunately for me I couldn’t find our long battery charged lighter, and its snowing and too cold for me to check the bbq this time of year. Instead I used a pair of tongs and prelit the candles before placing them in the jars. The long lighter would have been easier but the tongs worked. I certainly wasn’t about to go buy a long lighter or long matches. Hopefully you have some on hand.

This simple centerpiece is really pretty, I am a bit startled with how much I enjoy it. If you make one please let me know, I would love to hear about it.

A homemade Christmas arrangement done in neutral farmhouse style with mason jars, galvanized tray, white snowflakes and greenery.

Other Christmas Centerpieces on a Budget

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DIY Christmas Centerpiece

A very practical DIY Christmas centerpiece you can easily update to any Christmas colours you enjoy. Not only is this DIY Christmas centerpiece pretty, its so handy to have preset on the kitchen table during the holidays.


  1. I love having a glow at night from candles. Love that this can be done by anyone using glass bottles and tea candles. Such an easy holiday decoration that looks so pretty.

  2. It’s very pretty, Leanna, by day and I bet stunning at night. Would look so pretty on a kitchen island and living room coffee table too. I love lighting candles during the holidays and may try to make something similar for our home this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

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