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Tin Can Christmas Craft

Last Minute DIY Christmas Centerpiece

This tin can Christmas craft using upcycled tomato cans turned out so well. I actually made it for last year as last minute Christmas decor just before Christmas day. It turned out much nicer than I hoped and cost me nothing to make. It may cost you a couple of dollars to replicate it depending on what supplies you have laying around your house, but I doubt it would cost more than $2 or $3.

Its very rare that I share a completed project at the beginning of a blog post, but I figure you may be more tempted to try it if I show you have well it turned out.

A DIY Christmas centerpiece in neutral colours sitting on a plaid covered dining table. The DIY Christmas centerpiece features pinecones, greenery and soft coloured ribbons and tags in creams and light beige plaid.

Not sure what style I would call it, its not really farmhouse or rustic but it is kind of. I think its more like cozy cottage. Here are the supplies you will need to find if you want to create one for your home. This Christmas centerpiece fit in very well with all my other neutral Christmas decor. I wouldn’t define it as high end, but its really really pretty and worked well for my Christmas table decor.

How to Make a Tin Can Christmas Craft Centerpiece

Tin Can Christmas Craft Supplies

Decide what word you want to spell out using your tin cans. I chose a short word JOY for my table. That means I need 3 of everything.

This is the basic design for one letter of any word you want to spell out for Christmas. You could make four and spell Noel, or any other wording you like.

  • 3 large tomato or pumpkin tin cans
  • 1.5 yards of 3 inch ribbon
  • 1.5 yards of 2 inch ribbon
  • White latex paint
  • Coordinating bakers twine
  • Pretty plain labels hand made or bought
  • Letters for the word JOY hand made or bought
  • 3 matching buttons
  • 3 large pinecones
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • Crepe paper or paper towel for stuffing
  • Small wreath or greenery
Supplies used for making a tin can Christmas craft DIY Christmas centerpiece including a white painted tin can, a cream coloured tag with a Christmas tree cutout, a large pinecone and two types of ribbon.

Step One – Preparation

Begin by preparing your tin cans. Besides giving them a good wash, make sure there are no sharp edges where the can has been opened. If there is take some 80 grit paper and sand it smooth. Mine were fine.

Paint is with two or three coats of mat white paint, using any leftover household paint, even primer will work, white spray paint, white latex house paint, fusion mineral paint or dollar store paint. Paint the outside, the bottom and the top inch of the inside each can.

Gather coordinating supplies you have laying around. You don’t need much ribbon or twine. Cut labels on a Cricut but you can easily use plain brown dollar store labels or chalkboard labels as well. Gather 3 large pinecones, soak in water and bake it necessary. I had these in my Christmas decor from eons ago, but they were originally collected from the forest.

Step Two – Find or Make a Label

The only definite criteria for the labels is to make them long and thin. They need to cover the seam of the attached ribbon on the front of the tin cans. Covering the seams with a tag means the back side of the can is nice and clean which is necessary for a centerpiece.

For the Cricut – the design number is M409AAA1B, and the font I used is BFC Sugar Cookies

Step 3 – Assembling the Pinecone Planters

Take each tin can and wrap it with the wider of the two ribbons. Place the ribbon so that the ribbon seam matches the closure seam on the can. I placed my ribbon on the third row of the ribs on the can.

Attach at the FRONT with hot glue.

Repeat with the narrow ribbon.

Attaching the seams of ribbon around a recycled tin can for a Christmas centerpiece diy.

You want the edges to lineup within an inch or so from one another, and each ribbon doesn’t need to overlap much.

Next wrap some bakers twine (or narrow ribbon, or regular twine) twice around the top of the can. Add a couple of bits of glue and then tie the twine in place with a knot.

String whatever tag you have chosen for your centerpiece, make sure the tag covers any seams you have from attaching the ribbon. Once you confirm the placement tie the tag on using with the twine tying it into a pretty bow. Once secure glue a button to the top.

A tin can upcycle painted white with gold tartan ribbon, burlap ribbon and finished with a pretty tag for Christmas centerpiece.

Fill the can with any sort of paper filler you have on hand that inexpensive and plentiful. I have a bunch of odds and sods of crepe paper gift wrap so I used that. You can use whatever is available to you, as it won’t show.

Stuffing a painted tin can with pretty crepe paper while making a Christmas centerpiece.

Once you have the can filled to within an inch of the top, fill the very top using dollar store moss. Then you can add your pinecone.

Adding the Greenery

To embellish the tin can Christmas craft I placed each one of the tinscan letter pinecone vases into a small wreath. Alternatively you can just wrap them in greenery sprigs. I enjoy how simple this Christmas centerpiece is. Its low enough guests can see over it while still finishing the table for the holidays. The long white “tablerunner” is a strip of beadboard leftover from our basement ceiling project.

A DIY Christmas centerpiece in neutral colours sitting on a plaid covered dining table.  The DIY Christmas centerpiece features pinecones, greenery and soft coloured ribbons and tags in creams and light beige plaid.

Tin Can Christmas Craft Centerpiece How to Video

If you prefer to watch me making this simple tin can Christmas craft centerpiece I have made a video tutorial as well. I hope you enjoy it.

Want to make this once you have the supplies?

A closeup of the front of christmas table centerpiece using tin cans, soft neutral colours sitting on a white board surrounded by soft green and white greenery.

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