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One of a Kind DIY Farmhouse Table Riser

DIY Table Riser Decorative Tray with Farmhouse Beads

Farmhouse risers, trays and pedestals are item you can never never have too many of. They’re so easy and inexpensive to make, come in lots of different styles, and are perfect for adding some pretty farmhouse layers to your decor. We only have to go to one gift shop to see how versatile and handy they are for decorating. This DIY farmhouse riser features beads, and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

A white DIY wood table riser with white bead edging, holding milk glass, a small flower plant and booklet with a horse cover. Surrounded by a snowball garland and white barn sign backdrop.

So far I have just made one, but I know I am going to need more, especially another one in black. Let me show you how easy this is to make and decorate with.

Craft Supplies

A wood round.

You will need a wood round either thrifted or purchased any size you like. Our local dollar stores were sold out of rounds, so I bought this 9″ one at Michael’s. You can use dollar store ones, but I would glue two or three together first so they are thick enough.

Wood round, wire, twine and painted beads, supplies for making a Farmhouse DIY table riser.

Wooden Round Beads (dollar store)

Assorted Wooden Beads (dollar store)

E-6000 glue, large alligator clips

White latex paint, gloves, paint brush

Twine, small piece of wire

My beads were natural and leftover from making farmhouse bead strings so instead of buying I painted them. If you purchase white beads you can skip painting. For my 9 inch wood round I painted 70 beads. It takes less than half an hour, much quicker than going and shopping for the beads.

Wear gloves and using something small like a toothpick poke and then paint each bead individually, place on a rag to dry.

While the beads are drying paint the wood round on both sides.

Adding Small Legs

I tried the same beads as the outer edge, but prefered these little cylinder shaped beads I found at the dollar store. Paint them white to match and use the E6000 to attach them.

making a DIY wood riser stand using a wood round and dollar store beads by gluing the beads on the bottom of the wood round in 4 equal spaces.

Stringing the Beads

This is the part that makes it so much easier and stablies the beads. Begin by stringing the beads onto twine. The easiest way to string the beads is to fold a piece of wire around the end of the twine twist to secure it and then string them.

threading small white wood beads onto twine using wire.

Make sure you have enough beads to go right around the wood round, about 70 beads.

The underside of a DIY wooden farmhouse table riser, fitting the string of wood beads around the outside edge to assess how many beads are needed.

Make note of the fitting of the last bead, will it fit, or be too tight? Mine was tight, so while stringing my beads I made sure each one was a tight to the one before as possible.

Gluing the Bead Edging

This process took me about four hours waiting for the E6000 to dry. You could try it with hot glue which would be faster, but I wanted my glue to be thinner.

Start by glueing ten beads at a time. Run the glue along the edge of the wood, Clamp the twine before the first bead and after the tenth bead so that they are tight against the wood round. Adjust the beads so that they are straight and even. Let the glue dry for half an hour.

Holding beads in place with clamps while making a farmhouse riser using a wood round, twine and wood beads.

Repeat the process around the round, glue the wood, press the beads, clamp the string to hold in place, adjust the beads, allow it to dry.

adding second set of beads to edge of farmhouse wood riser craft

Attaching the Last Bead

Of course placding the bead around the wood round isn’t an exact science, but you can make a slight adjustment in the last ten beads or so. Place all ten beads and see how it fits, if its much too tight, remove one bead and spread the remaining beads out a bit. Remove one more bead (your last bead) glue the rest of the beads and let dry.

Once dry trim off the twine. Apply glue at the ends the twine.

If its a bit too tight remove the last bead. String the remaining beads as tightly as possible to leave more room for the final bead. Let the glue dry really well. Trim off the twine ends and seal them with glue.

Putting the last bead around the edge of a small round DIY wood riser centerpiece

Apply glue to the last little bit of the round. Attach the last bead using either your finger, or if tight hammer it in softly. If its extremely snug and won’t fit sand off the sides of your bead with 60 grit sandpaper. Try it again.

A farmhouse style arrangement for the bedroom with a black horse ornament sitting on a pedestal tray wrapped with farmhouse beads.  The second stand is a DIY white farmhouse stand with a pretty boxwood plant on top.

Finishing the DIY Farmhouse Wood Riser

Go around gently checking to see if there are any loose beads, because of the twine the beads all support each other, but you want them even and no wobbly. If you find a bead that is a bit loose glue it from the underside to stabilize it.

Once all the beads are solid. Paint everything with a second thin coat of latex paint. I did not distress my stand.

DIY Wood Riser Decor Ideas

There are so many uses for this little farmhouse wood riser, its pretty as a plant stand, or in the kitchen in a vignette, or for gathering and using coffee making supplies, a few stacked mugs, or pretty containers of soaps for the sink.

farmhouse kitchen decor with a white pitcher

For the picture example you saw in this post I simply gathered some items from my basement and stacked them in three different areas of our home. It took less than 15 minutes for all three, its just so handy and easy to use. I do want to make something similar in black, or maybe stencil one.

A farmhouse wooden stand with farmhouse bead edge holding milk glass dish, a pretty small plant and a notebook, along with a white barn picture and a DIY snowball garland made out of wood pom poms.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and I have tempted you to make one. Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Other Pretty Decorative Trays You Can Make

I never ever have enough wood trays, I have made a couple but always want to make more. I hawk hubs scrap wood pile and swoop in and take bits of wood to create something fresh and new. Often you don’t have to cut them at all, check out how easy it is to do.

DIY table riser for farmhouse decor in soft green with ivory grain sack stripes. The table riser is displaying antique wood toys that were purchased at a garage sale.

DIY Eucalyptus Green Decorative Tray

Rustic Wood Table Riser

This rustic wood riser in natural light wood adds warmth to a kitchen table. I love having it on our busy kitchen table as its easily movable. Its functional and I love the addition of the soft wood to our kitchen.

A large DIY farmhouse table riser made with natural wood and black and white decor.

DIY Rustic Wood Table Riser in Natural Colour

All of these risers sit quite close to the table for extra stability. I still need to make some taller ones hopefully I will find something unique at Habitat for Humanity that I can use for affordable legs.

Thanks for reading. Leanna


  1. I love risers and this one is really pretty. I love the addition of the wood beads.

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