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Witchy Halloween Decor for the Mantel

DIY Witch Decoration

This witchy Halloween DIY decoration was inspired by a pinterest pin. I love the neutral style and how the silhouetted witch reminded me of the wicked witch of the east from the Wizard of Oz. I love this idea but there was no template etc. so I got busy making one of my own for under $5. Now that’s my kind of magic!

This witch decoration for Halloween starts with a dollar store wood frame, and costs less than $5 to put together. My version of the witchy halloween craft comes with a free silhouette witch template and can easily be done in an afternoon.

A witchy halloween mantel decorated with a diy halloween witch made with dollar store frame and book pages. The witchy halloween decoration is hanging from a large wood frame and is surrounded by candles, pumpkins a spell book and a lovely black crow.

Witchy Halloween Decoration Supplies

My Halloween decor theme is neutral colours so I used a dark walnut stain I had in my stash to stain the background, you can use black stain, or black paint if you already have it on hand.

  • Varathane Stain in Chocolate
  • Large dollar store wood art frame
  • Witchy Halloween Template

  • old book for pages
  • scissors, foam brush
  • damp rag

If you don’t have brown stain use whatever you do have. I think black stain or black paint will look just a good. My local thrift store gives out unwanted books for free, but you should be able to get them for almost nothing. The dollar store wood art frame has no canvas, its the all wood frame and mine is 16 by 20 inches.

Staining the Witchy Halloween Backdrop

Using a sponge brush and the Varathane chocolate stain I applied one coat of stain, then wiped it off with a clean cloth. I let the stain dry overnight before continuing. As always follow the instructions on your stain can.

Staining a dollar store wood canvas and then removing the wood stain.

Preparing the Witch Silhouette Template

To make the witch silhouette template large enough it prints out on two 8 1/2 by 11 inch letter size paper. Once printed line up the two halves as shown and then tape together.

Placing two section of a printable witch silhouette together with an arrow showing the connection point.
Tracing the outline of a witch silhouette pattern with chalk.

Cut the template out and trace it onto the backdrop using white chalk. This guides the placement of the book pages and the chalk is really easy to wipe off with a damp rag.

After I got the full outline traced with chalk, I made extra sure the template was taped together very well and that the outside edge was neat and accurate without any ridges from tape bits or tears.

Halloween witches decor made with diy witch decoration using dollar tree frame and book pages. The halloween witches decor is in neutral colours and made using book pages and surrounded by pumpkins, a spell book and a large black crow.

Adding the Book Pages

I love the look of this witch decoration so much because of the neutral colours. It’s one of a kind look makes it stand out and its witchy Halloween without being scary or garish.

To fill in the witch silhouette, gather any vintage book pages or vintage book page printables you have available. From memory I think I used 8 or 9 pages for my witch decor.

Using the chalk mark outline as a guide, position your book page where you like the angle and placement. Double check that the letters are facing the right way (readable). Also decide if you want the wide outer border of the wages. I think they look better with, buts it a matter of choice.

Once you have the book page where you want it, put the witch template back on top of the book page and trace any edges using a pencil.

Tracing out a witch silhouette template onto book pages.

Once traced, remove the template, cut out the book page and attach to the backdrop using mod podge.

Repeat with the next page. I chose to start from the bottom and work upwards along both edges. Then I finished the middle, making sure to use as few pages as possible.

Witchy Halloween Decoration Video

If you wanting more information, I made a video of myself making my witchy Halloween decoration. I highlight some of my thoughts and decisions while putting it together.

Finishing the DIY Halloween Decoration

The dollar tree wood canvas has a ledge on the back so you can hang it using the ledge, you don’t need any kind of a hanger. Its also large enough to be used a leaning backdrop on a coffee table or buffet.

After placing my Halloween witch on my very large faux mantel I needed to enlarge the footprit of my witch decoration so I added a book page ribbon. The witch looks good on its own as well, a large burlap or satin ribbon is another idea.

Halloween witches decor on a mantel made with a wood backdrop and a witch silhouette made with book pages. A DIY witch halloween decor idea.

Optional Paper Book Bow Hanger

The book page hanger and bow is most definitely optional depending on how your going to display your witch diy Halloween decoration. If you decide to add the book page bow hanger the supplies are very inexpensive using some more book pages, mod podge and a couple of feet of ribbon. I will share the book page bow tutorial next and add the link here as soon as its done.

Once the bow is completed attach it to the back of your witchy halloween art using hot glue, and staples or tacks.

A Halloween witch decoration made using a wood dollar store back and book pages.  Its a witch silhouette made with book pages sitting on a Halloween mantel with a crow and black magic book beside it.

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