Black and White DIY Decor Inspirations

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Black and White DIY Home Decor Ideas

Hello there. Do you have long term favorite colour for clothes, for home decor, for your car?  You know that favorite colour that’s like a little miracle wand to instant appeal?  For me that colour is White. White has been my favorite forever and I am sure always will be.   I had white appliances in the 1980s when harvest gold was in style, although now I caved to modern stainless steel for Hubs I dislike them.  Granted white decor is a very safe colour, but what’s wrong with that?  If you’re on a budget like me white means you have the basics nailed down and little colourful updates can be switched out to freshen it up with colour.

How to makeover and upcycle thrift store finds into beautiful black and white home decor.

White is Fantastic, but What about Black?

The colour Black certainly portrays drama and flare to clothing and cars, but what about home decor?  Black is a new home decor colour for me, it’s not a fun pop of colour like magenta or turquoise, but this woman is going to start using it in more than just buffalo check.

Each week I host the Waste Not Wednesday link party where lots of brilliant talented bloggers come and share their latest posts.  Each week I read the posts and select my favorites.    This is how I first noticed how beautiful black can be in decor especially when paired with white.   So here are some of my favorite Black and White DIY decor ideas and inspirations from the Waste Not Wednesday link party and I am sure you will see what mean.

Kippi from Kippi at Home not only uses white and flock her DIY chair covers but the buffalo check cushions and the chalkboard art.  The before picture of what she started with is something else.

A black and white room done with DIY room decor

Source:  Kippi at Home

Old second hand wrought iron cast furniture can be both useful and beautiful.  Ann from Dabbling and Decorating shows us just how beautiful with her wrought iron chair makeover.  Her foyer not only features the wrought iron chair, but a gorgeous vintage suitcase in black as well.    The black and white decor allows the natural wood tones to shine through.

Black and white home decor with a DIY wrought iron chair makeover and black vintage suitcase.

Source: Dabbling and Decorating

Let Thirty Eigth Street show you how to dry brush a damaged desk into a stunning piece of furniture. Its much less work than I would expect it to be. Take a look at her technique, its so beautiful.

A painted black and white desk makeover. The legs are white. On top of the desk there are two photographs and a bronze lamp. The desk sits on a black and white graphic rug for a dramatic look.

Source: Thirty Eigth Street

My girlfriend Sam also hosts Waste Not Wednesday.  Sam’s blog features all kinds of farmhouse style DIY projects.  She took a super boring orange toned wood lamp and spruced it up using white and black paint.  The lampshade is so dramatic and unique.

White and black home decor lamp makeover.

Source:  Raggedy Bits

As I said before I am just beginning to add black to my decor mix, starting with buffalo check accessories.  This room needs a black rug and some black framed artwork, but I am loving the cushions.

Black and white bedroom decor. DIY accessories using black and white buffalo check..

Source:  Pretty DIY Home

You won’t believe the before of this boho wallpaper coffee table. The base is updated with wallpaper, I am in awe of this makeover and am certain you will love it.

An upcycled bench in black and white. The bench has a black top and wallpapered sides. It is acting as a coffee table and sits on a pink carpet.

Source: Show and Tell You

Jeanette from Snazzy Little Things uses black throughout her stunning home.   In this post, she has painted her front door and it really hints at how beautiful the interior is.   Lots of black and white inspiration here.

A shiny black door makeover with bright white trim.

Source: Snazzy Little Things

My friend Marie does sensation work with furniture makeovers.   Marie has a knack for using unique colours for her furniture makeovers.  In this post, she updated an old table with black paint and copper accents.  She shares a step by step tutorial on her table makeover, but I love the black and white artwork, and backdrop as well.

Black and white living room decor.

Source:  The Interior Frugalista

The simple drama of this furniture arrangement is so inspirating. The black of the artwork plays up the drama of the dresser and toile. So one of a kind and interesting.

Black and white dresser makeover.  The dresser is white with one toile dresser and there is a lovely black and white sign in the background.  The vignette is finished with a white stool and a plant for a very dramatic arrangement.

Source: Q is for Quandie

This collection of Rae Dunn dishware is lovely on its own, but when I learned some of it is a DIY project using a decal and dollar store dishes I got really interested.  Dollar store dishes and no cutting machine needed.  Her Rae Dunn collection is housed in a white cabinet from her grandparents that Amber lined with cute scrapbook paper and the great little black lamp.

Rae dunn inspired black and white dishes.

Source: Follow the Yellow Brick Home

These DIY farmhouse corbels are a recent addition to my blog.  This is the first set and of course I painted them white.  The next set is definitely going to be black.

Source: Pretty DIY Home

This next post is from Fresh Squeezed Life.  Randi talks about the benefits of flipping furniture and this example certainly proves her point.

Black and white dining room chair makeover.

Source:  A Fresh Squeezed Life

This last piece is from Marie and The Interior Frugalista.  She is just so talented.

Black and white end table makeover for the living room

Source:  The Interior Frugalista

These posts have convinced me to add some black decor to our home.  I have a small table and a lampshade set aside for my first projects.  I am also going to be hawk-eyed looking for an old suitcase to update.

Do you have any black decor in your home?  Would you consider adding it?   I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

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  1. Mmmmmmm, I think you just convinced me to do a room makeover with black and white. It looks so elegant and both colors are “neutral” so adding pops of colors will be a breeze. Thanks so much for the inspiration Leanna

  2. Leanna, I’ve been enjoying your black & white buffalo check projects and your guest room updates. The room looks amazing and I adore the hit the hay pillow. Black & white is so fresh and dramatic like you say, and I wear the color combo often, makeover furniture with it, but yet my house isn’t decorated with it. I’m excited to see how you incorporate more black into your decor! Swooning over the black & white inspiration here and thank you so very much for including two of my black & white furniture makeovers! xo

    1. Thank you Marie, and your so welcome. I love all your projects because they are always a bit extra special. Your pride in everything you do is always so evident. I loved both of the posts.

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    I agree with you 100%. Black and white looks so classy and chic. What a statement. I love the bed with the “Hit the Hay” pillow. What a great jab at going to bed! The black and white check chair seats are such a standout. Love it all. You’re doing a great job decorating and sharing your DIYs with your readers. Thanks so much. Love Raggedy Bits also.

    1. Thank you very much Barbara. You made my week lady. I give my best efforts to try and share ideas in understandable tutorials. Your input really encourages me to keep at it. Thanks for telling me!!!

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