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DIY Christmas Cinnamon Stick Ornament Garland

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Trying to create a magical Christmas on a budget is fun but it can be challenging as well. All these big ideas and no Christmas decor budget left to play with, sound familiar? This year I came up with this cinnamon stick garland for our tree. It suits my neutral farmhouse theme and I was able to make it for free. Even if you need to buy everything, it will cost less than $5 to make one about ten feet long.

How to Make a Cinnamon Stick Ornament Garland

Garland Supplies

Cinnamon Sticks (dollar store or bulk barn)

Old buttons (or wood ones from dollar store)

Natural Wood beads (dollar store)

Twine, thread, or wool (dollar store)

A Large eyed needle

Plyers, and small screw driver or wire

Easy rustic cinnamon garland craft hanging on a neutral farmhouse Christmas tree, with rustic ornaments,

This Christmas tree garland is meant to be really inexpensive and homespun looking. I very much recommend looking through your home for items you already have that you can string together with the cinnamon sticks. I used buttons and beads, but you could use dried cranberries, or dried bits of orange peel. If your out of twine, use fishing line, or wool are just some of the other possibilities.

DIY farmhouse cinnamon stick garland with neutral farmhouse Christmas decorations..

Cinnamon Sticks

We had a large Costco container of cinnamon sticks left over from a hot cocoa bar a couple of years ago, so I used them. I asked Hubs to cut them in half for me expecting him to use a saw. He used a serated kitchen knife to cut them in half (3″) and it worked fine.

Making the DIY Christmas Garland

Pull out a long strip of the twine, don’t cut it. Leave the ball of twine on the end to prevent the beads from falling off. Thread the cut end of the twine through a large eyed needle.

Once the needle is threaded start stringing the beads, cinnamon sticks, and buttons in a repeating pattern. You may find some of the cinnamon sticks harder to thread. If that happens push the end of your needle with a small screwdriver or wire. Once the needle shows out the other end of the cinnamon stick you can grab it with your fingers or needle nose if its really rough inside.

To add the buttons just pull the twine up through one hole and down through the second hole. Occasionally move your threaded cinnamon garland down the twine. Repeat until you run out of supplies.

Once your out of supplies, cut the other end of the garland and tie a large knot on each end,

I have two final notes about this garland. For the good news I wish I could describe how nice the cinnamon makes our old covered in DIY flocking fake tree smell its amazing and made me love this tree again.

Easy rustic cinnamon garland craft hanging on a neutral farmhouse Christmas tree, with rustic ornaments,

Second, when making this tree garland I decided to chew on a cinnamon stick, no fat, no calories, no sugar blah blah blah…. I ended up burning my taste buds and had a very sore mouth for a few days. I had forgotten how hot cinnamon really is, and of course learned this the hard way. Don’t chew on the bits of cinnamon stick, unless you want little white blisters. It took me three days of sipping on cool water to stop my mouth from burning. Youch!

Cinnamon scented DIY cinnamon stick garland hanging on a Christmas tree decorated with rustic farmhouse decorations.

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  1. I had no idea that cinnamon sticks burned like that! Noted. I can only imagine the delightful scent from this garland!

  2. I love using cinnamon sticks on my crafts, these are wonderful ideas to make our plastic tree smell beautiful! I got some from a company and they smell so strong, a couple of drops of cinnamon essential oil also helps if the scent is minimal.
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