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Farmhouse Christmas Tree with Lots of Ribbon

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Farmhouse Christmas Tree in Red and White

A farmhouse Christmas Tree in red and white what not part of this years Christmas decor plan, I had not planned on using red at all this year, preferring neutrals for this year, then I saw this ribbon! Thankfully I had not done any shopping or too much decorating yet, but I just had to have this red barn ribbon.

Farmhouse Christmas decor especially with barns are my theme this year, so when I spotted this ribbon at Michael’s of all places I snapped all the three rolls they had.

Elaborate red barn christnas tree ribbon on a tree

The best part of this ribbon is it is 3″ wide and wired. Unwired Christmas ribbon is just too difficult to decorate a tree with. With the three inch width of the ribbon I was able to find some shiny plain red ribbon that was just a little bit wider.

The farmhouse Christmas tree would have been too heavy in the colour red if I had only used the red barn ribbon, with the red foil ribbon behind it. So i purchased two roles of beautiful red and white ribbon in a fun farmhouse stripe pattern.

Decorating the Farmhouse Christmas Tree

When decorating a Christmas tree I prefer to start by adding the ribbon first. Especially when its as bright and bold as this Christmas tree ribbon is.

The easiest way to add ribbon to a Christmas tree is to start at the top and cascade the ribbon down the Christmas tree. Tuck the Christmas tree ribbon deep inside the tree, attach it to one the most inner branches near the trunk. Once the ribbon is secure inside the tree, roll it and pull the wired ribbon our in curls. Tuck the ribbon end of the ribbon towards the outer part of the Christmas tree.

After the barn ribbon was placed on the tree, I stood back and looked for gaps. The red and white ribbon was tied in pretty bows, the centers are wrapped in florists wire and bakers twine. The twine hides the wire. Wire works best so you can really attach the ribbon to the tree, otherwise they they tend to pop off.

Red grainsack ribbon bows on a farmhouse Christmas tree

After the ribbon was done, I tweeked it and then added the largest ornaments.

Two red birds on a Christmas Tree

Thankfully I already had these barn ornaments from last year, some cotton stems and red berries.

red barn farmhouse christmas tree ornament on a Christmas tree

The last step was to add small ornaments. Unfortunately I did not have nearly enough purchased ornaments to fit my theme. So I created some last minute Farmhouse macrame wreaths, and homespun wool DIY Christmas tree ornaments in pink. .

I chose the pink wool to soften the impact of all the red. It brightened the tree a bit without adding the contrast white ornaments would have.

Two different DIY farmhouse Christmas ornaments hanging on a Christmas Tree
A farmhouse Christmas tree decorated with lots of red and white ribbons

Not sure about what style of Christmas tree your wanting this year. I have some other Christmas tree ideas to show you from other years. Decorating for Christmas, deciding what I want and then creating it is by far my favorite part of the holidays.

Large Christmas tree decorated in neutral colours in a farmhouse Christmas living room.

Neutral Farmhouse Christmas Tree

This neutral farmhouse Christmas tree is designed to be calm, pretty, not too flashy. It is rather subdued but I love this look especially when there is lots of other Christmas decor around. Often the focal point of our Christmas decor, sometimes it nice to have it a bit softer.

A large buffalo plaid Christmas tree with black and white buffalo plaid ribbon, and DIY buffalo plaid Christmas balls all an assortment of red and white Christmas ornaments

Decorating a Christmas Tree in Buffalo Plaid

Several years later and buffalo plaid is still very much on trend. I love that it is still so wildly popular for Christmas. Buffalo plaid Christmas decor is so much easier to find now. This Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree is still one of my favorite Christmas trees ever.

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  1. Gorgeous tree, Leanna. That ribbon is wonderful for your farmhouse themed tree. I love the signs on it as well.

  2. Leanna, I just love your barn themed tree! It’s such a unique idea. Those red and white bows look great streaming down the tree. I also love the ladder with cozy blankets in the background. Pinned!

  3. Your barn tree is so pretty. I can see why you changed your mind about the using red. That barn house ribbon is perfect and goes so well with your farm house theme. Perfect!

  4. Such a pretty Christmas tree with so many wonderful goodies to look at! Love those fuzzy wool ornaments, did you make them?

    1. Hi Sonya, yes I did, but I whipped them up as a last minute thing because my tree felt bare. I will Post a tutorial right away. Thank you for mentioning them.

  5. Your tree came together beautifully, Leanna! The long tails of the ribbon makes it quite charming along with your handcrafted ornaments! What a lovely old fashion Christmasy effect!
    Gail @Purple Hues and Me recently posted…Wood Sled MakeoverMy Profile

  6. Leanna, that farmhouse ribbon is gorgeous! I would have scooped that up too. I love the classic colors you went with and all of your handmade ornaments just make this tree so special. The color pops and the ladder looks amazing next to it too. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us! Happy holidays!

  7. Oh my, such a pretty and perfectly themed tree! That sweet little winter barn ribbon is perfect, as is the dear little snowy barn ornament! This is just the perfect farmhouse tree!

  8. I love the red and white combination of your tree it is so striking in the pictures. I also love the addition of the cotton stems, I know it has been done for a couple of years, but I still love the the look sooo much in rustic trees especially in your application! Pinning this perfection for later!
    Jen @ JENRON DESIGNS recently posted…Winter Wonderland Tree DecorMy Profile

    1. Thank you Jen, This is the first year I thought of the cotton stems, its always great to use what you have on hand first. Thank you very much for the Pin.

  9. This tree has such an old fashioned look to it. It’s so charming. I love the farmhouse barn theme. I had to peak at your neutral tree too. It’s also beautiful and your dog really adds to the look . I just had to keep going, your house is so warm and cozy. I love the pink pumpkins too. I’m glad to discover your blog on this hop.

  10. I love the barn ribbon that you used on your tree! I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s much prettier spread out on a tree than it would be tied into a bow. I also love your red and white striped ribbon. You created a spectacular tree and I hope that you enjoy it bunches this Christmas season.

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