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DIY Colourful Spring Wreath with Fairy Garden

A Spring Wreath Fairy Garden Craft

This colorful Spring wreath craft helps brighten up the last weeks of Winter.  Lately, I have been doing nothing but cleaning out storage spaces so it’s time to make something really cheerful in pretty Spring colors.  Creating this Spring wreath is exactly what my mood needed.  Fairies help to make our gardens grow,  so I thought a simple fairy garden is a perfect theme for a DIY Spring wreath.

A large Fairy wreath, including a pretty fairy door, pink tulips, small pink flowers, green moss, and soft blue check ribbon with lace.

DIY Spring Wreath Supplies

  • A large grapevine wreath
  • Spring florals, I used faux pussy willows and tulips.
  • Gingham wired ribbon in a pastel colour
  • A fairy figurine
  • A fairy door
  • Floral pins, and a glue gun

The fairy door is an old one I made before I started blogging, but Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes Dollar Tree have all kinds of fairy doors available if you don’t already have one.

How to Make a Spring Wreath with Fairy Garden

A grapevine form is perfect for this type of wreath, it’s made using natural elements and you can just weave the various florals between the grapevines.

Lay your wreath flat and start adding loops of ribbon.  Just twist them along the side of your wreath with one loop going up and one down.

Four loops of checkered blue cotton ribbon with lace, being attached to a grapefine form while making a fairy wreath for Spring.

Add green moss all along the bottom of your wreath. Stuff the green moss between the vines, and add some floral pins if needed.  I placed a few pins along the bottom outside of my wreath to keep the moss from hanging down too much.  You can add hot glue if you want, but I skipped that I reuse my grapevine form.

Add your long Spring branches and faux tulips, by stuffing them into the grapevines and adding floral pins to hold them in place.  Make sure you have some on each side of the wreath.

A beautiful clay fairy ornament sitting in the bottom corner of a wreath. The wreath is decorated as a fairy garden with pretty Spring tulips, small pink flowers, soft green moss and a fairy door.

Attach floral pins to the back of the fairy door and the bottom of your fairy using hot glue.

Adding a fairy door to the front of a Spring wreath DIY craft using florist pins.

To secure the fairy door and fairy, push them into the wreath form.    Push the fairy door and the fairy into the wreath.  To hold them securely close the back of the pins around a grapevine.  I found it was easier to do it with needle nose pliers.  Add more moss to cover the pins if needed.

A fairy door attached to a Spring wreath craft as part of a fairy garden.The fairy door is painted a soft pink with white door jam and a yellow winow. It is surrounded by light blue ribbon and tuliips.
A whimsical fairy wreath for Spring with soft pink tulips, small piunk blossoms, blue checkered ribbon, soft green moss, a beautiful pink fairy door and a pretty fairy.

Finish your fairy garden wreath with any other flowers you may want to add.  I snuck in some little pink flowers around the fairy so she looked more enclosed and hidden.

A large fairy wreath diy for Spring. An easy to make Spring wreath DIY with tulips, green moss, small pink flowers, a pretty fairy door, colorful ribbon and a beautiful fairy.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

A fun colorful Spring wreath with a fairy garden, with a fairy door, mini fairy, faux tulips pink flowers and a grapevine wreath.

Other Fairy Garden Ideas

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After six months of snow, I am just so happy to be creating in soft Spring colours.  This time of year I love all things green.  Enjoy your week.


  1. Leanna, what a cute Spring Wreath! The colors are perfect!

  2. This is so pretty Leanna. It’s the perfect spring decor

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