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Simple Homespun Christmas Ornaments

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Have you ever had a Christmas tree that just kept needing something? This years tree was like that, I had it all decorated and already made the DIY wreath ornaments and thought it was screaming red at me and needed to be toned down. These simple homespun DIY Christmas ornaments were my answer.

An easy Christmas craft idea using wool and dollar store Christmas balls.

I could have done them in white but I think that would have been too plain, and secondly I was concerned the white may make the red “pop” even more. I slept on in and thought I would try pink variegated cotton cording, and I am really proud of how they turned out on our Christmas tree.


This supply list includes Amazon links. If you purchase through these links I make a small commission. They also illustrate exactly the products I used to make this ornament.

Glue Gun and glue (I used two sticks per ornament)

Coordinating colour ornaments (dollar store or old unwanted)

Veregated cotton washcloth scrubby wool in colours you like.

Supplies for making a homespun Christmas ornament including cotton wool, glue gun and dollar tree ornament.

Actually making these homespun ornaments is exactly how you imagine you’d make it. The most important part is buying the wool, I think these ones look unique and interesting because of the texture of the rough scrubby wool.

Attaching the Wool

Remove the top from the ornament.

Add a dab of glue to the top of the ornament and attach the wool.

Easy Christmas Craft wrapping cotton wool around a dollar tree Christmas ornament to make a DIY Christmas ornament.

Slowly wrap the wool around the top of the ornament, applying glue a little bit at a time. Trying to get the wool as close to the previous round of wool as possible.

If you find that your wool has gaps you can pull the wool off right away and reapply it. Or, you can let the glue cool for about 15 seconds and being careful not to get burnt push it into place with your finger tips.

I think the ornament balls look cute half covered in pink and red, and that means stopping halfway.

A pink and red handmade Christmas tree ornament.

As my goal is to reduce the red this one is getting finished to totally covered.

Not sure why it was very different doing the underside of the ornament I was not able to pull the wool tight to wrap it around the like upper half.

The underside of a DIY Christmas ornament made with wool and dollar tree Christmas ornament.

I softly curled the wool around the bottom half gluing as I went along and tucked in the last bit. Then snipped the excess off.

underside of DIY Christmas Ornament using dollar tree supplies and wool.

The finally I used a large bit of glue and pushed the top back on.

Here are some related links you might be interested in, including the Christmas tree I hung this ornament on.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree with lots of red ribbon

Farmhouse Christmas Tree with Lots of Ribbon

This is the other ornament I made for this Christmas tree. Its easy to make and cost even less than the homespun ornament to make. The cost is pennies each, and I hope you love them.

Four diy christmas mini wreaths for the Christmas tree in a farmhouse style.

Easy Macrame Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments

An easy Christmas craft idea using wool and dollar store Christmas balls.

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  1. This is my favorite…it is simple yet elegent. I love the colors you picked….it’s just beautiful.

  2. I really like this idea, Leanna. It adds interest and makes them look unique. Oh and don’t even get me started on that beautiful Christmas tree of yours. Wow, super jealous. Our purr babies would have a field day trying to knock everything off. So for now I’m going to be admiring yours from afar and pin it for later 😉
    Michelle Leslie recently posted…Faux Rusty Tin Can Barrel Bag Planter – DIYMy Profile

    1. OMG, I van just see the cats leaping for the ribbons. It would be so funny to watch as long as the tree wasn’t your lol.

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