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Dollar Tree Pumpkin Fall Pumpkin Craft

Making a Fall Decor Pumpkin for Less

Who enjoys doing a fall pumpkin craft every year? I certainly do, sometimes I have done elaborate painted outdoor pumpkins, or stuffed fabric pumpkins. This year I am doing a fall pumpkin craft for indoors starting with a dollar tree pumpkin.

When I first saw this pumpkin I was surprised at how much I liked it just as it was. It could easily be used just as it is, but that’s no crafting fun. I did decide to make it into a very easy cheap fall craft for adults that we can make for $3 to $5 dollars.

A neutral coloured wooden pumpkin with sage print, farmhouse beads and twine.

My inspiration for this craft is two printables I created for Fall candles, and I thought this little pumpkin could easily be made to match. It took about half an hour from start to finish to complete this fall pumpkin craft and I love it.

A dollar tree pumpkin decorated with a pastel orange and green plaid, white farmhouse beads, and cream coloured half beads.  The pumpkin is part of a fall decor vignette.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin- Fall Pumpkin How To

Supplies for Dollar Tree Pumpkin for Fall

Dollar Tree pumpkin

Dollar Tree 5 by 7 frame

White paint

Mod Podge

Raffia, button, embellishments of choice.

Free Plaid Printable

Sandpaper, paint brush, foam brush

Damp rag

E-6000 glue

Step One Removing and Saving Existing Embellishments

Begin by carefully removing all the existing pieces of the dollar tree pumpkin. Save the original embellishments for later. Each pumpkin is different, but I removed the half beads, twine ribbon, ribbon with beads, the little blessing tag, and finally the hanging string.

Removing embellishments off the front of a dollar tree wood pumpkin including small natural beads. The beads are being removed with a small craft spatula.

Step Two Fill in the Holes

As this pumpkin is not meant to hang you need to fill in the two holes left on the top of the pumpkin. You can use wood filler or any other filler you have on top. I did fill my two holes but was not impressed with how they looked out so I covered them with leaves at the end.

Step Three – Sand Lightly and Paint

I used a sanding block to give my pumpkin a quick sand before applying paint, including all the edges. You can use any white latex paint you have on hand. I painted the entire front surface to cover the green lower portion as much as possible. After the first coat, I gave the upper white portion a very light dry coat, and a heavier complete coat of white paint on the bottom green section.

Let the paint dry.

Step Four- Print and Mod Podge on the Free Plaid Printable

Print out the fall plaid printable, on my printer I get a white border, so I trimmed it off.

Decide where you want to place it on your pumpkin, making sure the plastic beads still cover the pumpkin from edge to edge.

Apply a light coat of Mod Podge to the lower portion of the pumpkin where you’re attaching the plaid.

Place the plaid printable over the Mod Podge and rub smooth. Let dry then cut off the access with a utility knife.

Cutting the edge of a paper covering to fit onto a dollar tree pumpkin.

Double check all the edges of your pumpkins Mod Podge and add more if needed.

Adding mod podge to the edges of a paper being attached to the front of a dollar tree pumpkin.

Make sure to very gently fold the edges over the sides of the dollar tree pumpkin.

Smoothing the edges of a dollar tree pumpkin after applying plaid paper using mod podge.

Note: My little fall pumpkin got nicked somehow, I wasn’t entirely pleased with how the nick looked once repaired so I placed my printable a bit higher up than the original green print was on the pumpkin.

Step Five – Decorate the Pumpkin

Decorate the pumpkin with as much or a little extra decor as you like. My pumpkin remained fairly neutral as that is my favorite for Fall. But you could easily update it using green or orange embellishments for more traditional Fall decor.

A dollar tree pumpkin thats been updated with plaid paper, raffia ribbon and paint.

As I said I thought the original pumpkin looked pretty good. I added some extra raffia, and the leaves to cover the holes that didn’t repair properly and then added the original embellishments back on. I later removed the wooden tag from my pumpkin because the lettering on the tag and the lettering on the matching candle printables was just too much for my taste.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Video How To

If you want to watch a video tutorial with more step-by-step instructions I have created a video tutorial for you.

A large wooden pumpkin with plaid bottom, white top and raffia ribbons with beads.

Some Other Pumpkin DIYs for Fall decor

Two Wooden pumpkins in gold and brown with green burlap leaves, and farmhouse bead garlands.

Wooden Pumpkin DIY Fall Decor Idea

These wooden pumpkins are made using rough scrap wood pieces, branches, and metallic paint for shimmer and shine. The post also includes the tutorial for the farmhouse beads.

Wood pumpkins with floral arrangements, that say "We are Blessed"

Neutral Wood Block Pumpkins for Fall and Thanksgiving

These wood block pumpkins are very easy to do and are made using leftover bits of 4 by 4 wood fencing posts, branches, and a free printable.

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