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Easy Dollar Tree DIY Fall Decor Banner

Dollar tree diy fall decor is my favorite way to craft for Fall. This year I am all about beautiful pink Fall decorations, lovely burlap, beads and feminine touches. If your wanting to make something different for Fall without dark oranges and brown I think you will love making this dollar tree pink Fall banner.

The dollar tree has these very easy to use diy banner kits made out of burlap, thats allready been cut and has little metal openings for threading. I love that you can skip the cutting and they were much cheaper than purchasing burlap from the fabric store.

Pink Fall Dollar Tree Decor Supplies

Besides the dollar tree burlap banner I suggest grabbing the following supplies from the dollar tree, or shopping your stash.

A pretty pink towel with pattern (or leftover fabric)

dollar tree paint pen

wooden beads,

pink acryllic paint

paint dabber or q-tips

burlap twine.

dabber, q-tips work well

My stash has an assortment of left over bits and pieces of burlap and fabric that I used instead, but there are all sorts of fabric tea towels at the dollar tree you can just rip into strips.

Dollar Tree burlap banner with pretty pink fabric, pink paints, gold and white beads and twine. The supplies needed for making an inexpensive yet gorgeous DIY Pink Fall Garland with lots of Girly Charm..

My local dollar tree has white paint pens, if you can’t find the paint pens, I bet a sharpie pen would work as well.

I chose to use a simple “FALL” for my wording, but the burlap banner package contained 7 squares so you could do the same thing with different wording such as autumn, harvest, pumpkin, thanks, blessed, gather. etc.

Painting the Dollar Tree DIY Fall Decor

Since the lovely banner pieces are precut and have holes we get to begin by writing out the letters. This time I chose to just free hand write starting with the letter F.

Pink Fall Banner with pink polka dots painted on Dollar Tree burlap banner kit. The letter F for the word Fall is painted on the front of the Fall bunting using white paint.

Once the first letter “F” was done, I used it as a gauge to size the other letters. Align the first finished banner panel beside the new one. Make dots to mark the top and the bottom edges of the new letter. In the next image I have three dots for the letter A.

A Dollar Tree craft burlap Fall banner being painted with white and pink dots, and white lettering.

Once the letter is done, squeeze about a teaspoon of acrylic paint onto a scrap piece of paper. Dip a Q-tip into the paint and simply stamp polka dots all over the burlap. Once done set the letter square aside and let dry. Repeat for all the remaining letters in your Fall banner.

Adding Beads and Fabric Strips

My little Dollar Tree burlap banner came with burlap twine I didn’t expect. I had already cut twine 6 feet long, so that’s what I used. Tie a knot at one end and thread the other end through a wide holed needle.

It takes some patience to thread the needle, but its much easier than threading each bead.

I went through my bead stash and figured out a pattern using the beads I had, I used six large, and 24 tiny gold beads for my Fall banner, but of course you can use more or less depending on the beads that you have on hand.

Start with a small gold bead, a larger white bead, a second gold bead, then feed the twine in through the burlap panel starting from the front to the back, and then from the back to the front, repeat the pattern.

Making Fabric Rag Tassles

I have an assortment of various pink fabrics, because of the polka dots on the banner I chose to use just polka dot pink and gold fabric. Any type of fabric you like will work, If you need to purchase fabric I would start by looking at fabric tea towels at the Dollar Tree, or walmart has inexpensive fabric quarters which have enough fabric to make the rag tassles with.

Cut and rip the fabric into 1 1/4 inch strips 16″ long and tie a strip between each of the beads.

DIY Pink Fall Rag Banner with burlap and pink and gold polka dotted fabric. The banner says Fall, and the burlap has pretty hot pink polka dots. A very girly DIY Fall bunting idea.

As a final touch I cut off 10″ bits of twine. Curled them with my curling iron and tied them onto the banner. Curling the burlap makes it look more feminine. My curling iron gets hot enough to curl my twine. If your doesn’t curl the twine on the hottest setting. Give the twine a quick hair spray before curling it.

A bright and cheerful front door with DIY Fall decor garland, surounded by white and pink pumpkins, a farmhouse white tobacco basket, and a beautiful dark pink Mum flower pot.

This is my first pink Fall post for the year. I am so excited to share it with. I have a few more planned and in various stages of being made. I can’t wait to share them.

Other Pink Fall Decor Ideas for You

I am obsessed with the soft pinks and coral colours this year and there are so many simple and unique Fall decorations you can make using pink as your theme. Here are some other ideas I think your going to love.

Fall front porch decor with a DIY ladder Fall burlap sign, mums and pumpkins.

Fall Front Porch Ideas with Fall Banner and Ladder

Fall would not be Fall without some pumpkins. The pink goes so well with soft greens and farmhouse decor.

Easy and Inexpensive Neutral Fall Decor with a Free pumpkin printable, diy wood hanger, and white pumpkins.

Free Pink Pumpkin Printables and DIY Hanger How To

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  1. I’ve always had this thing for polka dots. No idea why, but they just make me happy, which probably why love your fall banner so very much Leanna. Oh and that’s it’s easy and cheap to make too 😀

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