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Free Pink Pumpkin Printables and Easy Farmhouse DIY Hanger

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For all the pink lovers out there, today I am sharing some free pink pumpkin printables in two styles, farmhouse casual, and modern farmhouse. They are designed for those who prefer a softer pastel side of Fall decorating ideas.

Decorating for Fall in pink doesn’t mean goodbye to oranges, instead the pink becomes the pop of colour, with bits of soft oranges and lots of white, and pastel greens.

Easy and Inexpensive Neutral Fall Decor with a Free pumpkin printable, diy wood hanger, and white pumpkins.

I will show you how I made the little hangers with a super easy hack to make them easily update-able for any printable at the end of the post.

These printables go with rustic farmhouse decor, or you can glam them up for a modern farmhouse look.

Pink pumpkin farmhouse printable for the kitchen with a stack of pink watercolor pumpkins. The pumpkin fall printable is hanging on the kitchen backsplash with a farmhouse scale.

Today’s post includes links to the Hello Pumpkin Printable, and the Pretty Pink Pumpkin Bunny Printable. I have added more pumpkin printables to the Pretty DIY Home Printable library for subscribers.

Pretty Pink Pumpkin Fall Printable in a white frame with pink themed Fall decor

The amazing thing about using pastels for Fall is it allows you to use your everyday decor in a new novel way. Reusing something you already have is a wonderful way to save some coin. Especially with Christmas planning soon to arrive.

In the three inexpensive Fall decor ideas shown, the only purchase I made was for dollar store pumpkins. I actually had my pumpkins for a couple of years, I just painted them pink. The glass pumpkins are several years old and the remaining decor is my everyday white farmhouse decor. Adding the free printables costs nothing and the little hangers cost $1.

The pumpkin printables will go with traditional orange decor as well, I painted a little bit of orange into the pumpkins for that reason. I hope you love them as much as I do.

I am excited to share the hack I came up with for the little hangers, so lets get started.

DIY Farmhouse Printable Hangers Using Scrap Wood

You will need some scrap wood for your hangars. I used some trim ends, cut to 8.5 inches for the portrait hangers, and 11 inches for the landscape hangars.

Two scrap wood hangers with pink printables

Once you have the scrap wood cut, sand it well with 150 grit sandpaper. You can paint them if you like, but I left mine neutral.

You will need three things from the dollar store, little twist in eyelets, thin white ribbon or burlap and ……………….. MAGNETS.

Twist the little eyelets into the top of the scrap wood.

On the back attach three magnets using hot glue. Let dry very well. Keep 3 matching magnets aside while the glue dried.

Hanging the Free Printables

Tie ribbon or twine through the eyelets on the hanger. Flip the hanger over so the magnets are showing, center the printable over the top, and add the second magnet. Its work so well!!

Making simple hangers with scrap wood, screw eyes and magnets.

Once your done with the printable, toss it, place the magnets back and store until ready to use again. (on the above picture I ran out of magnets so I purchased a different size until I can find them the same size. Why pay more, I can wait for the dollar tree to get in a new shipment.

Three styles of pumpkin printables for cheap Fall decor ideas.

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  1. Julie Briones says:

    Gorgeous printables my friend! love the pink pumpkins and the way they are framed! be sure to link these up at TTA this week!

    1. Hi Julie. Glad you enjoy the printables, and I will for sure drop by.

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