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Elegant DIY Chair Covers

Chair Back Covers for Christmas

DIY Christmas chair covers are a lifesaver for budget decorators, especially if you have an open concept living space. These DIY chair back covers cost less than $20 to make, and they really added elegance to our eating area turning our plain kitchen set into a elegant Christmas dining room. At least I think so.

As my Christmas theme is white these chair covers are done in white fabric, but of course you can use any fabric you love. If you love the look of white, I suggest using it with a washable white fabric. Although white shows the dirt it is easy to clean with bleach and hot water.

A kitchen table with elegant DIY chair covers that convert them into a beautiful dining space.

Please take a minute and check out the next image. Imagine this same table set without the chair covers. Functional and solid and quite nice, but its certainly not elegant or festive. With the open space living area I think its well worth the evening it took to sew all of these. You will spend more time on the first one and the rest zip together very quickly.  The tutorial is longer and more detailed than maybe necessary but this is a really great project for a new sewer as all the seams are straight and there is no pattern required.

Formal chair covers in white that make a plain kitchen table a dining room for Christmas.

How to Sew DIY Chair Covers

Chair Cover Supplies

White Fabric   2- 3 yards approx amount depends on your fabric and chair size.  I used Minna fabric from Ikea

Sewing Machine, thread, scissors, pins.

String or embroidery thread

Christmas Ornament for embellishment

Sizing the DIY Chair Covers

The amount of fabric you need depends on the size of your chairs, and how many covers you want to make. So lets start by measuring the chairs.

To help you visualize their is only ONE piece of fabric per chair. The fabric folds over the top of each chair and is sewn down the sides. So easy, and no pattern needed.

As chairs come in various sizes here is how to figure the measurements for your chairs. Hint: If your wanting to be careful, you can start by cutting paper to double check your measurements before using the fabric.

Find Fabric Width

Width of chair + Chair thickness (x2 for each side) + 2″ for Seams

Our chairs and are 16 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.

16″ for width + 1.5″ +1.5″ for the two edges, plus 2″ for seams. So my fabric is cut 21 inches wide.

Find Fabric Length

Likely you can cut your fabric to 35″ long. If you have really short back chairs, you may want to shorten the fabric. Use a measuring tape and measure from where you want the chair cover to start on the front of your chair, go over the top measure to where you want the point to be on the back. Then add 1 inch for seams.

Cutting the Fabric

Prewash and iron your fabric. 

Cut into rectangle. Mine is 21″ wide and 35″ long.

Hemming the Fabric Edges

We will make a simple rolled seam on each narrow (21″) end.

Place the fabric good side down. Fold the material over 1/2″ and then 1″.  Press well and sew with a 5/8″ seam. Repeat at the other end. Pinning first is optional.

A piece of fabric folded over at 1/2 inch with a ruler showing the measurement.

For the two long edges do a zig zag stitch to finish the edges and prevent fraying.

Sewing the Chair Covers Triangle End

To find the center of your fabric lengthwise. Fold you material in half lengthwise. Line the two edges up and make a small mark where center is. (It will be about 10.5″) This will be the point of your Christmas chair cover.g

With one hand hold the  center and with the other fold over the corner into the middle of the fabric forming a triangle.  Repeat on the other side.  Press well.

Folding the end of a DIY chair cover so that their is a point on one end.

Once the triangle if folded add the string for the ornament.

Cut a piece of string about 4 inches long and tie a knot in the end.  Place this thread with one inch past the point of your triangle and lie the remaining portion along one of your side seams.

Adding a ornament hanger to a Christmas chair cover using string.

Press very well and then sew a 5/8″ seam along the outer two sides of the triangle. 

Two dotted lines on the end of a piece of fabric showing where to sew the seams.

You will now have a triangle with the point at the bottom of your chair cover and the string at the point to allow you to hang an embellishment. But the central seam isn’t connected. The next picture illustrates what I mean.

The end of a chair cover with the two ends folded over to illustrate the seam that needs sewing.

In order to sew the central seam of the triangle closed and not show through the front of the chair fold it open.

Flip the chair cover over then line up the two central seams. Sew as narrow as possible seam. This will hold the triangle shape.

Sewing a triangle on the end of a chair cover. There is a dotted line showing the seam placement.

Turn your fabric right side out and place the good side down.  The seam will be on the inside of the triangle.

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Sewing the Envelope Cover

With the fabric good side up, fold the second hemmed edge towards the triangle. Place the edge so that it meets the top corner of the triange.

Attaching the edges of fabric to form a chair cover at the top of a triangle.

Sew both long seams along both  sides forming the envelope. Stop when you reach the end of the folded over material.  Do not sew onto the triangle portion.  Turn right side out, press and place on your chair.

DIY Chair Cover Video Update

When I reviewed this chair cover post I thought a video would help illustrate the simple process for sewing this chair cover made from one piece of fabric.

I really like how these dress up my plain kitchen table for the holidays.    As they are white and have the hangar at the bottom I will be able to use them any time of year I like by adding a simple little dollar store ornament to the bottom.  Say an easter egg or a red valentine.  White is just so versatile.

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For Christmas I am happy with how they chair covers tie the looks of my rooms together. I have been very busy the last month or so creating various tutorials for adding some style to your decor for Christmas.   I hope I have inspired you to add some out of the ordinary ideas to your holiday home as well.

Want to Make this for Yourself or as a Gift? Pin it !

An plain kitchen set updated with elegant white chair back covers that have sparkling ornaments hanging from them. The table is sitting behind a Christmas tree

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  1. Someone’s been to Greenland! *wink* *wink* I have the same white glitter Christmas word ornaments on my tree! I remember your lovely tartan chair back covers from last year and these are equally gorgeous, especially with the white Christmas ball hanging from the center. Love your white wintery theme this year, Leanna – so pretty!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Your right lol I got those little word several years ago at Greenland and I love them. I want to see your Christmas tree, I bet its gorgeous. Last year I found the tartan and used it to do the entire house, but truly I prefer the white. Hugs my friend Leanna

  2. Wow! I am quite confident that I can follow the steps. I am not the most adept sewer, but these are simple and yet look so elegant. I love that you can hang a small decorative piece from the triangle. And crazy about all or mostly all white Christmas decor, lately I’ve been gravitating towards such images. Very pretty! Pinned.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you so much Milena. Lots of people shy away from the whites because they think it shows everything. That isn’t so…and whites are much easier to clean than light colours are.

  3. Very lovely. They add a nice festive flair to your dining area. Plus by making them white it will carry through to spring.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Debra. I tried to make the eating area feel more dining room like. The chair covers are easy to remove, wash and iron.

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