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Fantastic Homemade Tia Maria Recipe

Homemade Tia Maria Recipe

Homemade liquers like this Tia Maria Recipe became very popular in the late 1970s, at least in northern Canada where I grew up. Homemade versions were created and often gifted between friends and neighbours.   This Tia Maria recipe is one of those tried and true recipes everyone loved.  Give it a try, it is easy to make, tastes very good and will save you some money.  The only thing is it needs six weeks to mature to its best flavour.

The original recipe makes three 26 oz bottles using an entire bottle of brandy.  I have reduced the size of the recipe so you can try it before making such a large batch of it.  The full sized recipe is further down the post its the perfect size for Christmas gift giving.

Homemade Tia Maria Liqueur.

Homemade Tia Maria Recipe – 26 oz bottle

Besides the ingredients you will need a bottle to store the Tia Maria.  An empty clean liquor bottle with the cap works, or a dollar store one with a cap, as long as your bottle is about 26 oz in size.  Its also very handy to have a funnel to pour the Tia Maria into the neck of the bottle.


1 1/2 cups brandy

3 tbsp Yuban Instant Coffee

1/3 vanilla bean

1 1/3 cup water

1 1/3 cup sugar


Boil 1.5  cups of water.  Add instant coffee to 1/3  cup of the water, set aside to cool.

Add 1 1/3  cups of sugar to 1 1/3 cups of the boiling water.  Stir to dissolve the sugar.

Cut off a third of a vanilla bean place in the bottom of a bottle.  Mix all the ingredients together and pour into the bottle.  Store at least six weeks before using.

You can print out the simple paper labels for Tia Maria if you like.  I attached the label using double sided tape.

Homemade Tia Maria Recipe – Makes three 26 oz bottles

This is the original recipe.

Ingredients for 3 Bottles

26 oz bottle of brandy

2 oz Yuban instant coffee

1 vanilla bean

4 cups boiling water

4 cups sugar

Instructions for 3 Bottles

Boil 4 cups of water.  Add instant coffee to one cup of the water, set aside to cool.

Add four cups of sugar to three cups of the boiling water.  Stir to dissolve the sugar.

Cut the vanilla bean into thirds and place in the bottom of each bottle.  Mix all the ingredients together and pour into the three bottles.

Storing Tia Maria

Once your Tia Maria is bottled its ready for aging. Store in a cool dark place for six weeks before serving. The six week’s gives the Tia Maria time to age and gain flavour.

Drinks with Tia Maria

This is how we use our Tia Maria

Brown Cow Cocktail Recipe

Pour 2 oz of Tia Maria into a glass, add two ice cubes and fill with milk.

A small cocktail glass filled with Tia Maria and milk, with ice cubes. The glass is sitting on a wood board with fancy squares of wood in it, and surrounded by coffee beans.

Tia Maria and Coke

The simplest cocktail, 1 to 2 oz of Tia Maria, add ice cubes and fill with Coke.

Tia and Coffee

Place 2 oz of Tia Maria in a mug and fill with coffee.

Tia Maria Martini

Martinis are so strong, but talk about yum. To make this recipe you pour 2 parts tia maria to 1 part vodka. To make mine fancy I put them in a sugar rimmed glass.

A martini glass filled with tia maria martini recipe. There are mini lights in the background.

Tia Maria White Russian

My brother who rarely drank loved this particular drink.

2 oz tia maria

1 oz vodka

1 oz cream or milk

In a stubby glass, mix together the vodka and tia maria. Add the ice cubes, and then pour in the cream or milk. I personally prefer using a splash of milk.

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A tall glass of tia maria and coffee, with a cameo of the bottle of homemade tia maria Liqueur. The coffee mug is clear glass and is surrounded by coffee beans.

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