Fun and Unique DIY Spring Decor Ideas using Repurposed Items

DIY Spring Craft Ideas Using Repurposed Items

This time of year is the hardest part of the year for me.  Spring comes to my friends blogs about three months before we ever see it.  It makes the wait much to long and I often find myself getting very blue and impatient waiting.  No fresh tulips or outdoor gardening to enjoy, but these unique DIY Spring decor ideas can be made right now.  Spring can come early for those of you lucky enough to be American, but for us frozen northerners trying a couple of these projects will be a fun way to enjoy what we can while we wait.

DIY Spring Basket for Spring decorating.

DIY Hanging Baskets |  Room for Rent Blog

A gorgeous terra cotta coloured Spring tray made with a flower market stencil, I love the terra cotta look on this tray.

A terra cotta tray upycled from a

DIY Spring Centerpiece Decor by Thrifty Chic

Not sure why but I love this idea because of the natural wood patina, it gives this Spring arrangement an organic feel, sometimes doing less is the best choice.

diy spring dcor ideas with moss

Spring Decorating with Mossy Wooden Shoes |  Funky Junk Interiors

This DIY Spring wreath idea is so unique.  Its so dramatic against the dark front door.  Like the wooden shoes I think the original soft green of the metal box best left just as it was.

DIY Spring wreath idea that is unique with white tulips.

Tulip Wreath for Spring Safety Deposit Box |  Salvaged Living

This DIY flower garden globe is so striking and different.  Old globes are not something I am drawn to, but this one is very appealing and eye catching.

DIY Spring decor idea using an repurposed globe. and flowers.

DIY Flower Garden Globe |  Robb Restyle

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when you repurpose an old metal dustpan into a DIY Spring wreath.  The colours of this wreath are so vibrant and fresh against the soft aqua of the front door.

Repurposed dustpan into a DIY Spring wreath for the front door.

Repurposed Spring Wreath  |  House of Hawthorne

This DIY tulip wreath for the front door is so different from the traditional wreaths we see welcoming people to Spring. She used faux tulips and some birch ribbon, its both easy and unique.

A large front door bouquet made with tulips and tubes of real birch bark for vases.

DIY Easy Tulip Wreath with Birch Vase by Designer Trapped

Like so many men my Hubs loves to barbecue so I created him his very own barbeque grill sign.  It hangs on our back patio privacy wall, and he just loves it.

DIY backyard artwork, made from a industrial wood spool. cable Spool ideas, wood cable spool projects, large wooden spool crafts, DIY deck art, DIY deck decor

These repurposed mason jar lids are so practical and pretty for in the garden.  Placing these little signs in a flower pot. or even a fairy garden.

Repurposed mason jar lids imto garden spikes. An easy to do DIY Spring decor ideas.

Mason Jar DIY Garden Stakes  | Mod Podge Rocks Blog

This umbrella full of pink tulips makes such a statement on the front door, and in a funny way I think it celebrates Spring rain.

A DIY spring wreath idea using an umbrella and purple tulips. The umbrella is large is sitting on a white front door and is fulled with pink tulips and tied with a big pink bow.

Spring Umbrella Wreath by This Grandma is Fun

These pretty simplistic vases are made with painted fabric and repurposed jars.  Her idea of using painted fabric makes colour selection so easy.

DIY Spring Vase from repurposed jars.

Fabric Covered Spring Vases |  Love Grows Wild

Just last weekend I found some old tart tins at the thrift store, now I need to find a pretty dowel to paint. This is so easy and special, my favorite part is how she used bird seed to fill the bottom tart tin.

Spring decor made from using old tar tins and a dowel. The top tart tin is filled with an easter basket and miniature green eggs, the lower tin is filled with bird seed and a bird decoration.

Repurposed Tart Mold Pedestals for Spring by Lora Bloomquist

DIY Spring crafts are a great way to shorten the wait to warm days and being outdoors again. I hope you feel as inspired reading this post as I am creating it.  I see a thrift store trip on my agenda very soon and I hope you do as well.

Several examples of DIY Spring Decor Ideas in tans and greens, two vintage dutch wooden shoes used as spring planters, an old basket with greenery used as a wreath for the front door, and printable labels on tin lids for garden market Spring decor.


  1. All these spring ideas are wonderful ~ Pinned! The globe caught my eye since a globe seems masculine and adding flowers makes it look feminine. Here via your party.

  2. Love all of these great ideas Leanna! Can’t just chose one! Lots of inspiration! Hard to think you guys are coming into Spring and we will be heading into Autumn!

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