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How to Make a Fall Banner using Tea Towels

Fall Banner for Fall Decorating

Banners are so fun,  I make one for just about every season.  They are fast to do, super cute and like this Fall banner, they don’t have to be expensive.    After spending three weeks waiting for white or grey burlap to hit the stores I gave up and went in search of an alternative.    Turns out that pretty Fall teatowels are a great solution, they are pretty, easy to find and better yet cheap to buy.

This banner is made out of two matching teatowels I bought last year.  In my stash, I had several that would have worked but the two little foxes are so cute I chose them.

Bedroom with fall banner that is perfect for indoors or for fall front porch.

Fall Banner Supplies

Two towels, with a pretty motif

Thin cardboard

White cord

Instant stitch

Glue gun

Good ruler


The tea towels don’t need to be new, these towels are from last year.  Whatever towels you use just make sure to iron them before getting started.

Cutting the Banner Pieces

Your motif and towel size will tell you what dimensions to cut your towels.  Measure the width of your towel and divide by 3.   My towel is 19 inches wide, so I cut the two outside strips 6 1/2 inches and left the central one at 7″ so that I didn’t need to trim off the fox motif.

Measuring the motif for a fall banner.

Measure the height of your motif and add an inch for the top.    My rectangles are cut at 10 1/2 ” high.  As my towel is 19″ by 28″ I was able to cut 12 sections and had several inches left over.  For the word Fall, I had much more fabric than required, using two towels you will have lots of rectangles for wording.

Panels for a DIY fall banner, that is pretty for a front porch.

Finishing the Fabric Panels

Start by measuring the size of your motif, my little foxes are 5  by 9 inches.  Cut a piece of cardboard just a little bit larger than your motif.

Using the cardboard as a guide place the commercially hemmed edge on the bottom,  then fold the sides of your fabric over the cardboard and press.  Do both sides first and then the top.  Repeat for all the fabric rectangles.

Folding fall banner panels

Typically I prefer to sew edges, but in this case, there was not enough material for rolled hems and I wanted to keep it simple so I recommend using iron on stitching instead.  Fit the stitching into the two side fold and press.  Leave the top seam until later.  Repeat with all the other rectangles.

Fall Banner Tutorial with white and orange.

Apply the Lettering

Here is the Fall letters template,  in case you want to do different wording I created the letters in Word,  the font is called Paprika, and the size is 500.

Print out the letters,  trim around the letters.

Put the letters good side onto a window and using coloured chalk, trace out the letter on the underside.  Repeat for the remaining letters.

Line up all your letters onto the fabric rectangles.  Make sure they are all even using a ruler.  Once you are sure simply rub along the letters and the chalk mark will transfer.

DIY Banner letters spelling out FALL.

Using a gold sharpie pen and a ruler trace the chalk marked letters.  Let the ink dry for about half an hour to be sure nothing smudges.

Letters spelling out Fall on a Fall Banner for fall decorating.

Attach Fabric to Twine

Use a hot glue gun to attach the fabric rectangles to the hanging twine.

Place the twine underneath the top fold of each square.  Fold the fabric over and glue into place.   Make sure to keep the letters in the right order as you work your way along.  Decide on the distance you want between each letter, the ones on my banner are glued three inches apart.

Attaching a banner panel on a fall banner.

It’s optional but I chose to hot glue bottom corners of the rectangle as well.’

fall decoration, a fall banner in white.

Repeat for all the panels.  Tie the ends of your twine into pretty bows and hang.

Fall banner perfect for front door decor. Fall decorating idea using tea towels.

My three granddaughters are coming to stay with me this week.  I am very excited.     I am traveling to Calgary to pick up my eldest granddaughter in the morning.  It makes me remember how much I loved visiting my grandparents every summer.    It is my hope that I build loving memories for them, just as my grandparents did for me.  Funny how fast time went.

Enjoy your week, and please comment letting me know if you like the white decor for fall?

Fall leaf banner made with a free printable and twine.

Free Printable Fall Banner

Free Printable Banners, Fall Banner,,printable banner

Free Printable Fall Banner with Owls and Pumpkins

Easy to make Fabric banner for Fall
How to make an easy fabric banner for Fall decor using tea towels.


  1. I’ve never thought to use tea towels to create a banner but what a smart and cute idea! Thank you for linking up with Merry Monday. I’ll be featuring your banner at our next party.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Right on Emily. That is exciting. I really like the Merry Monday party. I look forward to seeing it.

  2. What a great idea to use tea towels for a banner! Thanks for sharing your craft on Merry Monday. Pinned.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Erlene. I link up to Merry Monday whenever I can. Have a great week and thank you for pinning.

  3. So pretty! I’m getting ready to change my decor to my fall look too. (It’s already getting chilly here in Alberta, isn’t it?) I’d have never thought of tea towels! Great idea!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Katrina: Hello back from Alberta. Yes, it certainly is chilling down. Today is actually a sweater weather day. I cannot believe it, hopefully, fall is mild. As Canadians, our falls come early and so does our Thanksgiving so I figure by Sept 1st bring on the pumpkins lol.

  4. How clever Leanna, I love the font you used and of course the fox is so adorable!

  5. That little fox has the most adorable face EVER!!! What a beautiful way to create a banner and so easy too.

    P.S. Love the little comment from your grandbaby Leanna, that’s soooo precious. I think she’s going to love her Grama’s blog so much

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi baby girl. I am happy you found Grama’s blog. Let me know what you think of Gramas crafts. xo

  6. Super cute Fall banner, Leanna, especially with the Fox motif on each end. Your granddaughters will cherish the memories of this week their entire lives.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Don’t you think some towels are too pretty to use for dishes? These foxes were too adorable to get dirty.

  7. I do like banners. Yours will carry you through the fall season. Enjoy the time with your granddaughters.

  8. I do like banners. Yours will carry you through the fall season. Enjoy the time with your granddaughters.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Debra. Banners are so cheerful, I really enjoy them.

  9. Very pretty, love the fox on the the banner. Great colors and great tutorial.

    Have super time with your grandkids


    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Cindy. Often the motifs on tea towels can be so well done. I thought this was a good way to use a tea towel that can sometimes be too pretty to use.

    2. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Cindy. I enjoyed my girls for three action packed days. I still have a week to enjoy my eldest grand daughter, so lots of crafting is on the schedule.

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