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How to Make Mini Wood Houses using Scrap Wood

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DIY Scrap Wood Mini House Craft

You must have seen those adorable wood houses for a tabletop in gift shops or on Pinterest. They are really so cute and have to be easy to make.  This time of year its not quite warm enough to lounge around outside, and its all together too nice to be stuck indoors any longer.  Cabin fever hits me so hard from Febuary to May I am chomping to get Outside. Its still too cold to plant anything, so that means a couple of week’s of happy puttering in the garage.  One of several things I am making this week  are these  scrap wood houses for a tabletop or mantel. I hope it becomes a good excuse for your putter away some time outside as well. 

These two houses have unique roof lines.  I thought they would be really easy to do, and they were once I figured out the angles.  I spent far too much time trying to figure out how to do the angles on wood.  I finally went girly and simply drew houses out and instead of sharing the measurements here are the patterns.

Lets me show you how to do make these two very different houses.

You will need a couple of feet of  2″ by 8″  or 2 by 6″ lumber. I used 2″ by 8″ but use what you have on hand.

Begin by tracing out the houses on the wood.  Then line up the saw to match the angles.  We used a mitre saw, but you could use a skill saw.  

Cut off the roof lines before you trim the house height.  This keeps your hands farther away from the blade.

Cutting the Cabin Shaped House

Print out your pattern, cut it out and then trace the outside dimensions onto your wood.

Cut the long length of the roof line.  For this cut set the at a 35 degree  angle.  Starting at the peak make your cut. 

Cutting scrap wood for a tabletop wooden house ornament. A DIY Wood mini house craft idea for cheap.

Flip your board over, cut the short edge of the roof line is cut at a 50 degrees angle.   

Simple scrap wood project. How to make DIY Wood Tabletop Houses

Once you have the roof lines cut, cut the bottom square edge.

How to make a wood mini house craft. A great scrap wood project idea for cheap.

Cutting the European House

You would not believe how many different ways we tried to cut this roof line before finding the one way it would work with our mitre saw.  My idea looks so easy when drawn on paper, but yowsa I couldn’t figure out how to make the angles work within the parameters of our saw.

To work around this I cut this house style in two pieces.  

Here is a side view so you can visualize the roof line.  The top of the roof is straight, but two identical angle cuts for the front and back.

The side view of a DIY wood mini house ornament . An easy to make scrap wood project for beginners.

Roof Section 

Measure the thickness of the board and make a note.  Our 1 by 8 is 1 1/2 inches thick.

Cut from a long piece of lumber, you don’t want you hand close to  the board.

Make sure the end of your wood is cut square.  Measure from the edge back the thickness of your wood (1 1/2″), and mark.  Set your mitre saw to 10 degrees. 

Cutting scrap wood on an angle for how to make a unique wood house for the table top.

Turn the board over and measure the sane distance (1 1/2″) from the end.  Do a second cut.  

Now cut the board at 90 degrees to square the bottom two inches from the end. 

Completing the Mini House Craft

Begin by attaching the two pieces of the house together with wood glue.  Clamp in place and let dry thoroughly.

Clamping scrap wood togethernfor making mini house farmhouse decor.

Once you have the wood house glued together, transfer the pattern for the windows and door onto the front of your houses.

The chimneys are simple wood dowel pegs that I painted black.  Hubs drilled the holes into the wood and then I glued the pegs into the holes and let dry.

Transferring the pattern to mini wood houses for painting.

Using a black paint pen or Sharpee pen colour in all the windows and door. Let dry.

DIY scrap wood mini house craft idea for farmhouse decor.

When your adding the outside borders to the windows use a white paint pen.  I found that the Sharpee pen ink would lift up onto the wet paint pen.  To get around this I would wipe off the ink on a spare piece of paper before painting again.  Give the windows outlines two coats of white.

Placing white paint around the windows of a mini house scrap wood project.

I am just thrilled with how these houses turned out, especially the one with the front and back slanted roof.  It just looks very European farmhouse to me.  I know this tutorial is very step by step, but if your learning to work with scrap wood I hope you all the detail helpful.  

Mini wood house craft made using scrap wood and paint.

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  1. So cute! My friend, Sara at Creative Jewish Mom, recently shared a post about a vacation they took to a farmhouse, and it kind of looks like these. Wish I were somewhere like that with just fields of flowers around me.
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