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Oreo Dessert Christmas Party Food Ideas

20 Festive Oreo Desserts for the Holidays

A delcious collection of easy to make Oreo dessert ideas for Christmas. All types of oreo dessert recipes like oreo balls recipes, oreo cheesecake recipes, oreo bars, and easy no bake oreo cookies. I don’t know how else to describe it but festive, fun and fabulous YUM for the holidays. If your family loves Oreos like my family does, this collection is going to make planning for the Holidays easier.

A collage of simple easy oreo dessert recipes for Christmas, a oreo cheesecake, a plate of chocolate covered oreo cookies, an oreo truffle with caramel and pecans, a snowman oreo ball, and a gingerbread oreo ball dessert.

Oreo Balls Recipes and Oreo Candy

Oreo balls recipes are so popular because they are a perfect Christmas party food. So many different variety of oreo balls recipe each with a very unique style and flavour.

This no bake treat for oreo gingerbread truffles uses golden oreos instead of chocolate. A sweet treat thats a bit different and I adore the little gingerbread men on top.

A tray full of homemade gingerbread truffles with oreos, covered in white chocolate and then little gingerbread candies on top, A different oreo balls recipe.

Oreo Gingerbread Truffles – The Soccer Mom Blog

Creamy vanilla fudge and Oreo cookies, finished with peppermint candy cane bits, an easy to make fudge oreo dessert for Christmas. The crunch in this fudge recipe has to be the best using both Oreos and peppermint candy.

A tray of oreo cream fudge with crushed candy cane topping.

Oreo Cookies and Cream Fudge – Love From the Oven

 A striking oreo dessert with a crunchy cookie center, coated with melted chocolate then pecans, pretzels and caramel. A Christmas dessert this pretty should be harder to make.

Two caramel pecan and pretzel covered oreo dessert treats with caramel sauce and chocolate. A simple oreo truffle recipe.

Caramel Pecan Chocolate Covered Oreos – Dancing Through the Rain

Kids and adults alike will devour these No-Bake Candy Cane Oreo Cake Pops. Yummy melted chocolate coating, oreos, and peppermint, combine in this simple to make Oreo cake pop Christmas treat.

Chocolate covered oreo cake pop in little sticks with crushed candy canes on top.

No Bake Oreo Cake Pops – Combine Good Flavors

Aren’t these adorably OREO reindeer balls the best? They made me laugh when I first saw the picture. These little oreo treats are sure to be a hit at any kids Christmas party. They have to be Santa approved.

Several oreo balls recipe that look like reindeer with red noses and pretzel horns. They are stacked on a pile or Christmas M and Ms.

Rudolph Oreo Cookie Balls – Mommy Snippets

These little Snowman oreo cookies are a show-stopping Christmas party food. They are beyond cute and fun for the holidays.

Three snowman oreo balls recipe with little brown eyes, buttons and a orange fondant carrot nose.

Snowman Oreo Balls – The Inspiration Edit

Oreo Dessert Bars Recipes

Luscious and sweet Oreo bar recipes, are so handy for potlucks, family gatherings, and parties. Of course everyone loves oreos so they will be popular, but they are also really easy to pack for traveling, and freeze well. A great makeahead Oreo dessert.

Three no bake marshmallow and oreo treats stacked on top of each other. Easy no bake oreo bars for Christmas.

No Bake Christmas Marshmallow Treats with Oreos – Everyday Family Cooking

These fun a colourful Christmas Magic Bars use OREO Cookies for the crust then top it with toffee bits, peanuts, pretzels, holiday chocolate chips and Christmas M&M’s. I think kids especially will love these crunchy sweet treats.

Colourful oreo bars topped with loads of colourful candies.

Oreo Christmas Magic Bars – Hungry Happenings

Peppermint, white chocolate, salted caramel and Oreos, are blended together in these Oreo bars. I think adults and children both will enjoy this sweet treat over Christmas.

Two peppermint oreo bars stacked on a white plate. They are dark chocolate with loads of crushed peppermint on top.

Peppermint White Chocolate Salted Carmel Oreo Bars – Meaningful Mama

Oreo Cookie Recipes

It always amazes me how creative women are, these Oreo cookie recipes take the classic Oreo cookie to a whole new level for the holidays.

A fun Christmas treat you can make with kids. An easy to make Christmas recipe with an Oreo base, kids of all ages will enjoy this cute Christmas dessert.

Four Oreo cookies decorated to look like gingerbread faces. An easy oreo cookies recipe.

Chocolate Gingerbread Man Oreo Cookies – Kids Craft Room

Perfect for a kid’s Christmas party or a cookie exchange, these simple to make Oreo ornament cookies are beyond adorable. What a sweet idea.

Oreo dessert cookies dipped and decorated to look like white Christmas ornaments. An easy to make oreo cookies recipe.

White Chocolate Dipped Oreos Ornaments – The Carefree Kitchen

Peppermint Bark Oreos for the holidays. An easy holiday cookie recipe made with oreos, peppermint flavoured melted white chocolate and candy canes. I love the colour combination in this oreo dessert idea.

Christmas dessert recipe with oreos covered in white chocolate and peppermint bark. A very easy and elegant Oreo cookie recipe.

Peppermint Bark Oreos – Mom’s Dinner

The winterwonderland chocolate dipped oreo cookies and partially dipped in white chocolate to form the snowy scene. Then tree shaped sprinkles and are star are added before refridgerating. A quick and fun Christmas oreo dessert idea.

An easy oreo cookie recipe. Four chocolate dipped oreos in dark and white chocolate to look like a winter scene. There are little green trees and a tiny star on each cookie.

Winter Wonderland and Chocolate Dipped Oreos – The Monday Box

Spectacular Oreo Dessert Recipes

These heavenly Oreo dessert recipes and made to be served, and maybe show off your baking talents a little bit. Oreo dessert recipes perfect for a sit down special occasion party.

A beautiful No Bake Pepper Cheesecake with oreo crust and oreo cheesecake filling. A festive chocolate mint filled dessert for the holidays thats mixes up in 20 minutes.

A slice of no bake oreo cheesecake with light cream cheesefilling that has bits of crushed oreo and peppermint candies. The cheesecake is topped with whipping cream and there is a whole oreo cookie for garnish.

No Bake Peppermint Oreo Cheesecake – Lemons and Zest

Oreo ice cream mixed with chocolate brownie and served as a chocolate bomb. Definitely a chocolate lovers dream.

An oreo ice cream dessert served in a chocolate bomb.

Oreo Ice Cream and Brownie Bomb – Meaningful Mama

Cupcakes AND Oreos, now that’s a match. These Christmas themed Oreo cupcakes couldn’t be any more festive. With so many cupcake desserts to chose from this oreo cupcake manages to really stand out.

A large pretty chocolate oreo cupcake with swirls of peppermint candy and a broke oreo cookie on top so you can see the filling.

Christmas Oreo Cupcakes – Our Wabi Sabi Life

A fantastic and festic peppermint icebox pie recipe with an Oreo crust. A pretty and delicious peppermint pie for your holiday desserts table.

A peppermint icebox pie with chocolate oreo crust, pink peppermint filling, topped with swirls of whipped cream and pepper mint candies.

Peppermint Icebox Pie with Oreo Crust – Ann’s Entitled Life

With 1000% surety I will be grabbing a couple of bags of Oreos for my Christmas baking this year, like me I hope you are inspired to try a couple of these this holiday season. Oreo’s have to be the best purchased cookie to use in recipes. So many ideas and we all seem to love Oreos.

Pin it so you have these Oreo Recipes on hand.

Four different images for different oreo balls recipes, including gingerbread, cakepop, a rudolph reindeer oreo ball, and fun snowman oreo balls.

My Oreo Dessert Recipes

A finished no-bake chocolate cheesecake coated with cocoa. The sides of the no-bake chocolate cheesecake are decorated with a homemade chocolate collar.

No Bake Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

This is a no bake chocolate cheesecake recipe with a solid chocolate collar. Its surprisingly easy to make, and has a chocolate oreo crumb crust.

A large tray of No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter bars with three layers. Oreo layer, peanut butter layer in the center and topped with melted chocolate chips. You can see several cut bars on a tray, one served on a plate with a cup of coffee beside it.

No Bake Peanut Butter Bars with Oreo Crust

These Peanut Butter Bars have an oreo crust, with a soft peanut butter filling, and a thick chocolate topping. Better yet its an easy no bake recipe.

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