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Printable and DIY Minimalistic Fall Wreaths

Easy DIY Fall Wreath Ideas with Hydrangeas

Fall wreaths and Fall wreaths printables are so popular.  Today I am going to show you how you can make your own minimalist Fall wreath with hydrangeas, an embroidery hoops, and pretty mini lights.  Or if you prefer you can just print out the free minimalist wreath printable instead.  I love both looks against the stark black background of a chalkboard and certainly hope you agree.

I actually made the real wreath first, and then used it as my inspiration for the printable. . I will start with the real wreath project first, using an embroidery hoop and pretty sparkling mini lights.

Minimalistic Fall Wreath DIY Tutorial

These simple hoop wreaths are so beautiful to me, I love how airy and bright they are.  My first plan was to use a metal ring but both of mine are too large for the chalkboard, so I used a smaller embroidery hoop instead.  Next, I grabbed some mini lights as I love them in fall decor, and three hydrangeas leftover from these neutral fall lantern arrangements.   Finally, I took some odd branches I had in my stash.   These type of wreaths require fewer craft supplies because your only decorating a portion of the wreath.  So easy.  Here is the supply list for you.

Elegant fall minimalistic wreath on a chalkboard for fall decor.

Supplies to Make DIY Fall Wreath


12-inch metal ring, or embroidery hoop

Battery pack mini lights

3 faux hydrangeas with leaves

Long branches of greenery

Florists wire, wire cutters, fishing line, good quality tape

Check that your wreath ring is the right size for your chalkboard. It should be small enough to fit within the frame of your chalkboard, and large enough that there will be at least half of the ring showing around your flower arrangement.

Attach the mini lights.  Make sure the battery pack has new batteries.  Place the battery pack where the on/off switch is easily accessible.  Attach the battery pack to the ring using florists wire.

How to make a minimalistic wreath for fall that lights up.

Wrap the mini lights around the wreath until you have about a foot of light string left over.  Rearrange your lights so that they are consistently tight and each wrap is about a baby finger width apart.

Add the Branches

You want each set of branches to cover about 1/4 of the wreath.  Place one branch starting from the battery pack going upward on the ring.  Place a second branch going downwards.    Anchor the start of your branches behind the wreath, using florists wire and wrap it around your battery pack.  Repeat with the second set of smaller branches, but and this time place the branches on top of the battery pack to help hide it.

How to attach branches to a wreath ring for a fall wreath, and chalkboard project.

If you were to try and hang wreath as it is, the ends of the branches wouldn’ stay in place.  Look for a spot near the end of your branches where a leaf is attached.   Remove the leaf so the plastic connector is showing.  Place the plastic tip under the wires from the lights and reattach the leaf.  Careful not to break the lights, by doing it this way there is no florists wire where it would be easy to see.

How to attach the end of a branch to a wreath so that it stays in place.

Fix up your leaves so that all the leaves have the good side facing forward.  After you locate the attachment point, just spin the leaf so the good side is up.

How to style leaves so they are in the correct direction on a fall wreath.

Add the Hydrangeas

The really nice thing about working with faux hydrangeas is they are so forgiving to work with.  Wires hide really well among all those little flowers and the tiny blossoms can be adjusted to cover bald spots.

Start by adding two hydrangeas one on the top of the battery pack a second one on the bottom.

How to make a wreath and camouflage a battery pack using flowers on a wreath

Fill in spaces with hydrangea leaves.  You may need to add them individually instead of with the flowers.  If you do just attach a wire as shown and insert it into the arrangement where needed.

How to wire a leaf into a DIY wreath for fall decor.

Finally, add your last hydrangea, this should cover the rest of your battery pack.  Then wrap in the remaining foot of mini lights.

Hanging the DIY Fall Wreath to a Chalkboard

Fishing wire is my go-to product for attaching things to surfaces I don’t want to damage.  Starting at the top of the wreath I made a loop through the wreath wring and then suspended the top to the chalkboard.  My chalkboard has some wood scrollwork on top so I am able to wrap the fishing line around it before attaching it with duct tape on the back.  If yours doesn’t have scrollwork just use a longer piece of fishing wire and more tape.

Attach the side of your wreath the same way.  This isn’t a glamour shot but it shows how I hung the wreath without damaging my favorite chalkboard.

How to attach a wreath to a chalkboard using fishing line and duct tape.
Hydrangea fall wreath, minimalist style with a chalkboard background.

10 Minute Printable Wreath and Chalkboard Craft Project

Lucky for me I had all of the supplies in my stash for this wreath.  If you don’t have the supplies or want something quicker here is a super simple craft project.  This takes almost no time to do and I think it’s adorable.

A free white hydrangea printable wreath on a pretty chalkboard for fall.

Supplies for the Easy Wreath Printable Craft

A chalkboard

Free Wreath Printable

Two Clothespins

Hot glue (optional)

Fishing line

Duct tape

Printout the wreath printable, if you have newer clothespins just clip them on to hold the printable.  I have some antique clothespins that don’t pinch the paper correctly so I applied hot glue first and then the paper.

Wrap the fishing line around the two clothespins. Judge the length of fishing line you need to have the printable hang at the level you like.  Tie the fishing line off and suspend the printable fall wreath from the chalkboard.  Adjust if needed.  Tape the back of the fishing line with duct tape if you don’t have scroll work like I do.   Then suspend the printable fall wreath down the front of your chalkboard

A free printable minimalistic fall wreath suspended from clothespins for fall decor.

Let me know which of these two chalkboard fall wreaths you would consider making.  This chalkboard was purchased from Michael’s a few months ago if you want to purchase the identical one.

An elegant black chalkboard background with a hydrangea hoop wreath craft idea for Fall


Other Wreath Crafts to Try

A DIY farmhouse wreath made using book pages mounted onto a DIY black chalkboard.

Book Page Leaf Wreath

I really enjoy the contrast of the white book page leaves against the black chalkboard backdrop. The backdrop adds drama and increased the size of a wreath. You can make this particular book page leaf wreath for Free.


  1. Love both of your projects! I’m an absolute sucker for hydrangeas and need to make one of these for our family room! Thank you for your tutorial 🙂

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hydrangeas always make me think of my Grandmother, she had the most gorgeous hydrangeas in her front yard. I am glad you like the wreath and look forward to seeing your spin on it Sam

  2. These are both just lovely. I like a lights idea, so pretty.

  3. Super project. I too love that you used mini lights

    Happy I found you on Instagram and another blog for this blogger to follow

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Cindy, that made my day. Instagram is a new platform form for me, and I am still very much learning how to use it. I am glad I found you as well, and I can’t wait to see more of what Lavender and Cloche creates.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Caroline, thank you for commenting, glad to hear that you enjoyed the blog.

  4. They are both so pretty! I love that you wrapped the embroidery hoop with mini lights 🙂 Pinned to my Wreaths For Every Occasion board!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you, my friend. I enjoy using the mini lights in fall decor. So not looking forward to the shorter days. Thank you very much for the pin.

  5. I love this idea and will try to make it for a dear friend of mine who just bought a home. It will make a nice surprise. (talkofthetown)

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      That’s wonderful, a handmade gift is so thoughtful. Than you for letting me know.

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