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Very Feminine Shabby Chic Easter Eggs

Shabby Chic Easter Eggs

As we get older lifestyles change, we no longer have a house full of children wanting to dye boiled eggs they refuse to eat.  In our home little fingers aren’t creating beautiful eggs in bright colours any longer,  instead, egg decorating has become more elaborate,  and I  enjoy making these fancier shabby chic Easter eggs but wish I had the munchkins creating their Easter treasures instead.pa

Easy Easter egg design idea, pretty shabby chic Easter egg decorating idea

These eggs are designed for a teenager girl who is old enough to play with hollowed eggs and use a glue gun.  These eggs would look so pretty on a girl’s dresser.  Let’s start with preparing the eggs.

How to Blow out an Egg

I promise blowing out real eggs is very easy to do, all you need is a little bit of patience. The worst thing that could happen is a couple of broken eggs out of a dozen you’re going to have enough eggs for an omelet supper either way.

Easy Easter egg design idea, pretty shabby chic Easter eggs in pink with flowers lace and butterflys

You will need:





Small-headed pin

Large sharp darning needle

Juice box straw

Start with washing your raw eggs.  Place them on a clean towel,  along with the needles,  straw, and bowl.

How to blow the center out of an egg for Easter egg decorating.

Firmly grasp the egg.  Poke the egg in the pointed end first, apply steady pressure and twist.  You will feel the needle slowly grip and then drill through the eggshell.  This may take up to a minute or so, so be patient.

Once the small pin breaks the surface, apply tape over the hole.  This will help prevent cracking.

Insert the large darning needle.  Twirl it around gently and plunge in and out of the egg to break the yoke and sort of scramble the insides.

Using the small pin roughen up the edges enlarging the hole.

Repeat this on the other end.

Now that you have two holes. Cut the juice box straw and use just the little straight part.

Place your egg over the bowl, put the straw over the hole and huff and puff and blow the egg out.

Once this is done, run the egg under the tap to rinse out whatever little may be left inside.

You can then drain your eggs for two days, or do like I did and bake them at 300 F for ten minutes.  Let cool and decorate.

Shabby chic Easter egg decorating idea in pinks with flowers, butterflies, and lace.

Colouring the Eggs

Originally I dyed these eggs using beets but the colour was not what I wanted, so I finished them with chalk paint instead.  The chalk paint supports the shell if I was to do them again I would just paint them.

Shabby chic Easter eggs, a feminine Easter egg painting craft
Embellish the Easter Eggs

Supplies for making pretty shabby chic Easter eggs. How to hollow natural eggs, and decorate with ribbon lace and paper flowers.

Gather your supply of embellishments, buttons, ribbon, stickers, tiny flowers, feathers, mesh, scrapbooking supplies, small beads or glitter.
Add the ribbon first with the glue gun.  Then add the other decorations.

Easy Easter egg design idea, very feminine pink Easter eggs with a vintage shabby chic style.

Storing the Feminine Easter Eggs

Keeping eggs from one year to the next is something I have no experience with.  Now that the children are all grown I made these eggs.  I miss the earlier days.    These particular eggs are going to be stored for next year.  Not sure how long they will last, hopefully, they will keep for a couple of years.

Easy Easter egg design idea, pretty shabby chic Easter egg craft. Chalk painted pink Easter eggs.
Pink shabby chic Easter egg decorating with blush pink paint and lace.

Easter eggs are so fun to create and inexpensive.  I usually create at least one a year.  I have added some other Easter Eggs I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Theses eggs are amazing made with bits of euphora and I have tons.
    You are featured this week on #OMHGFF stop by and check out the other great features this week! Happy Easter!!

  2. Your feminine eggs a truly gorgeous Leanna and I must say thank you so very much for the tut on how to blow out eggs. I always wondered how to do that. The pictures are great and helped a lot. I hope these do last for a long time, they’re worth keeping

  3. These are so delicate and feminine. We empty them the same way and my daughters love to do it lol
    I am featuring you tomorrow, have a nice weekend.

  4. I miss those days, too! (My kids wouldn’t eat them, either!) I love the idea of using chalk paint, and the color is so pretty! I’m impressed with how you emptied them lol Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  5. Leanna, Your eggs are gorgeous! They make a beautiful display. Thanks for sharing with us this week at Snickerdoodle! Pinned`

  6. Goodness, these are SO pretty, & I thought my egg decorating days were over. Pinned it.
    I came to visit from Happiness is Homemade bloghop; I hope you’ll have time one day to visit the 4Shoes & let me know that you’ve been by.

  7. These are simply beautiful! I love the look of the butterflies perched on the eggs! Beautiful craft for children that teaches good design and makes an annual decoration!

  8. Oh my goodness, these are so very beautiful, Leanna. I’ve never blown out an egg before but, I really should try it. Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday!

  9. These are so delicate and delightful! I love your ideas and imagine the peace your home must contain because of the time you take in crocheting, sewing, and doing such lovely things as these eggs!

  10. What stunning eggs. I never would of thought to decorate with the things you did I always have seen painting etc. These look so elegant! Love it. So happy to find your blog via the Bloggers Pit Stop!

  11. These eggs are so delicate and feminine. Very pretty! Regarding the storage question: I’ve used craft eggs (plain, white) that I bought at Walmart for $1.89 per dozen. (these are not the plastic eggs that come apart in two pieces) They store just fine from one year to the next.

    1. Now there is a perfect idea. I will go look.

  12. So pretty! It amazes me (being craft challenged) how simple these things are to do. I love the way you break it down!

    1. Hey Bon Bon. You cook and I will craft and bake. Seems like the perfect friendship. Oh duh. We do have the perfect friendship lol. Hugs Lea

    1. Hi Kate. It isn’t until you actually blow out an egg that it seems easy. I think it’s because we think the shell is weaker than it truly is. I appreciate your positive feedback k. Thanks a bunch

    1. Thank you Carole. My theme for this Easter is blush plink and I am really enjoying the femininity of it. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Pam. I am quite happy with the way these turned out. They would be really fun to do with a teenager daughter. Thanks for commenting

  13. They’re beautiful, Leanna and in your signature soft pink! I’ve had blown out eggs made with my kids for over two decades. While some broke because of my clumsiness, they’ve survived by storing them in an egg carton, just how you buy them in the store.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Can you believe I had not thought of storing them in egg carton. What an obvious solution. Thank you for the info Marie. I will certainly store them that way.

  14. What beautiful eggs. I hope they store ok because they are certainly something you will want to bring out year after year.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Deb: That’s the plan. I hope they last so I can start a collection of different styles and colours.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Pink, pearls, lace and Victorian accents scream feminine to me. I am lucky enough to own the perfect pink depression glass bowl. I had fun doing these. Thank you for commenting.

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