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Witch Halloween Costumes, Decor, Recipes & Crafts

45 Halloween Witch Ideas for a Whole lot of Fun Hocus Pocus

No matter how you like to celebrate Halloween, if you like witches I am sure this roundup has some ideas you will love.  Whether your wanting to create a spectacular one of a kind witch costume, need some witch decorating ideas, make some pretty witchy Halloween crafts, share some witch goodies with your kids school friends, or family, you should find several inspiring witch ideas.  I love using witches in my Halloween decorating, because you can make it as kid friendly or scarey as you like.  As an added bonus witches are usually thought of as feminine, and why not let us girls rule Halloween.

Witch Halloween Ideas including witch hats, witch cauldrons, witch cupcake recipes, witch wreath tutorials, witch decorations for indoors, witch mantels and witch outdoor decorations.

Witch Costumes DIY

As my trick and treaters decided to get old I don’t get to enjoy creating Halloween costumes, and I use to make very elaborate ones. They really do grow up much too fast. Witch costumes are available everywhere during Halloween, but these Moms created some magic for their littles and shared the patterns and how tos so you can too. All of these ideas are achievable, affordable and one of a kind. disposable.

Witch costume diy for a little girl with tulle skirt and witch hat. The costume is black with purple and orange.

Kids DIY Witch Costume

This sweet little witch costume is so charming and just a little bit spooky. Its easy to make with a DIY tutu and the Lia Griffith shares her complete tutorial.

A large pink velvet witches hate for a little girl who is dressed in a black witches halloween costume.

Magical DIY Velvet Witch Hat

No Frill Just Chill created this pretty Velvet Witch Hat with a downloadable pattern. I think its a fantastic way to add ritz to a purchased witch costume. Her little girl has a whole collection to check out.

A rustic DIY witch costume, in browns and black with a fun branch broom and black hat.

Halloween Costume for BHG

The Mermag blog created several beautiful Halloween costumes for BHG. This is her witch costume, it manages to be both cute and realistic looking. What little girl wouldn’t love wearing this witch costume, and if your like us in a colder climate it would fit so well over a black turtleneck and leggings.

Two little girls in Halloween witch costumes made out of gingham with black hats and simple brooms.

Easy Gingham Witch Costumes

I added this DIY Gingham Witch Costume from Country Living Magazine because the tutorial is only two paragraphs. They are very easy to make and I love the gingham for a not too scary look.

A DIY witch costume in black with a handmade broown.

DIY Witch Costume

Grab a black long sleeved t-shirt, black fabric, elastic and fun trim and Heather Handmade will show you how to make this DIY witch costume. Starting with a purchased t-shirt makes this very simple to create and choosing your own lace and trim makes it your very own.

A little girl dressed in a homemade witches costume that is black with purple tulle

How to Make a Witches Costume

Starting with a simple t-shirt and legging as a base and added iron on vinyl for the tie up front, making this Handmade Witches Costume from Sew Simple Home really quick and easy to put together. Such a whimsical look with the purple tulle and black lace.

Two little girls in their Halloween witch costumes walking away from the camera.  One is a pink tutu costume and the other is a black and green witches costume

DIY Glinda and Wicked Witch of the West Halloween Costumes

Whether you little girl wants to be spooky in green and black witches costume or pretty in pink as the Wicked Witch of the West, the Simple as That Blog has both how tos for you.

Even if your like me and don’t have a little girl to dress up this year, go check out this blog post as its just so very pretty and whimisical to read.

A baby witch costume with handmade fascinator witches hat all in black. The baby is also holding a handmade felt broom.

Baby Witch Costume with Fascinator

The Makerista blog talks about her annual decision about whether to purchase or make her kids Halloween costumes. We can all relate to that dilemma, so she did a bit of both. I just love this little witch fascinator for a baby.

Looking through all the different more fun than spooky Halloween witch costumes really put me in the mood for Halloween. There really is nothing more enjoyable than watching the little trick and treaters come to the door so proud in their costumes.

Witch Decor & Halloween Witch Decorations

Check out the witches boots, snazzy socks, wild and beautiful hats,spooky Halloween mantels, for both indoor Halloween and outdoor Halloween decoration ideas.  I wish I could create a spell and make all of these Halloween witch decorations.

witch themed DIY outdoor Halloween Decor

DIY Planter Witch Legs

These little witch legs sticking out of Mums are so fun to have and easy to create. The Legally Crafty Blog shows you exactly how easy these DIY Planter Witch Legs are to make.

A halloween witch themed mantel. DIY Halloween decorations featuring a witch hat, and witch sayings

A Wickedly Awesome DIY Halloween Mantel

This black and neutral witch themed Halloween mantel with the free printable wicked with inn is so affordable especially if you already have a black frame. Make some black pom poms and a branch broom, and your set. Look at the entire witch themed Halloween Mantel from the Legally Crafty Blog, it shabbily spooky and I love the neutral colours.

DIY witch brooms in bright glitery colours

Easy DIY Witch’s Broomsticks

These simple and fun to make Halloween Glitter Broomsticks from Ann’s Entitled life can be done in about an hour. Perfect for an park your broom Halloween front porch, I really like the colours.

A DIY book page witch painted orange with a bead face and felt witches hat

DIY Old Book Floating Witch

This little Old Book Floating Witch with Broom from DIYnCrafts is so cute. I really love how it is Halloween themed but still pretty and nice. Nothing garish or creepy about this sweet little witch. I hope you find time to make her, I know I hope to.

DIY Halloween Outdoor decorations for the Halloween Front Porch

Halloween Window Sign

A hocus pocus themed witch sign for the front door. I think the sign is wonderful, but those well used branch witch broom really add some creepy to this Halloween porch from Chicken Scratch NY

DIY Halloween Decor Makeover Vignette

Witch Themed Entry

You can recreate this witch themed entry for guests to sit on inside your home, or place it outside on your porch. This is my post and I think I would like to try it outside with purple lights as well.

A tabletop covered with Witch potion books for Halloween decorating.

Halloween Printable Potions Book

What witch would be caught without a spell and potions book? The Idea Room created these fun witch book printables to download and wrap around books. You can use these in almost any nook, bookshelf of Halloween centerpiece. I love how she place a simple red apple on top of hers, the Queen would approve.

Halloween Witch Crafts

Crafts are the perfect Fall past time, and Halloween crafts are one of those activities most children are happy to do. Here are several witch theme crafts you can do yourself or as a family.

A DIY Halloween Wreath using dollar store supplies.

Dollar Store Witch Wreath

This little witch wreath is made using dollar store supplies and a set of mini lights for pizazz.

Black and white witch silhouette with a broom

Wicked Witch Halloween Silhouettes

I have seen these Halloween silhouettes on Pinterest, but never found the downloadable patterns. There is a wide collection of fun Halloween silhouette printables including this creepy witch silhouette over at the Dave Lowe Blogspot.

How to make a Halloween Witches hat wreath

DIY Witch Hat Wreath

I am loving this colourful DIY Witch Hat Wreath from Shirley at Intelligent Domestications. The little curly toed feet are the perfect flirty final touch. Its both fun and easy to put together you could use this wreath for your front door, or inside as a wall hanging.

A paper witch shoe with ribbon and paper.

Witch Shoe Tutorial

These witch shoes really are fabulous! My Craft Spot has a video tutorial on how to make them.

A Dollarstore broom witch craft for Halloween

Dollarstore Witch Broom Craft

Starting with a dollar store broom, some pretty ribbon and her much loved glue gun. Imperfect Beautiful created this stylish witch broom craft. It looked like a fun teen craft I could do with my grand daughters for their bedrooms.

Halloween Craft for Outdoors, a witch windsock

Hocus Pocus Witch Sock Craft

Chicken Scratch NY gives us another witch themed Hocus Pocus craft for outdoors. This is so unique and fun, there won’t be another one nearby that looks like her.

A fun Halloween Craft, purple witches slime.

How to Make Witches Slime

The little goblins will have too much fun playing with this Witches Slime from Little Bins for Little Hand. I think its a fun idea, but bleck foo, I’d skip the spiders. Yuk!

DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Spooktacular Witch Hat Craft

How to make a witch hat stand for Halloween. This witch hat craft is elegant with lots of sparkles and satin.

A Halloween witch broom craft, with a witches hat, large googly eyes, and a big curled smile.

Witch Boom Halloween Craft

This little witch broom looks alive, I certainly hope she swoops over the porch while she is out there. The little face on this witch broom is unique, and The Keeper of the Cheerios shows us how easy it is to make. A really welcoming witch for your front porch.

Three Gnome witches with white beards, black witch hats and fun green noses.

DIY Felt Gnome Witches

Gnome witches for Halloween, step aside Christmas Gnomes these Halloween witches are every bit as cute, and more distinctive than there Christmas cousins are. Little Yellow Wheelbarrow shares a pattern and directions for this No Sew Gnome Witches, those bright green noses sticking out from cut wrinkled hats are simply adorably.

So now we have the kids Halloween witch costumes, Halloween DIY witch decor, Halloween witch decorations and some Halloween witch crafts covered, now we have loads of amazing Halloween witch themed recipes. Every year it amazes me how much creativity, energy and love is put into Halloween. No wonder children love it.

Halloween Witch Recipes

Of course I found lots of amazing witch themed recipes.  So many inspiring ideas for those Halloween gatherings.   I have created two categories, on for Sweet Treats and another one for not sweet Halloween Meals and Halloween Appetizers.  There are lots of wicked good ideas, these bloggers worked their magic with simple ingredients.

Witch themed Halloween treats.

Edible Halloween Witch Hats

DIY surprise inside Halloween Witch Hats edible treat boxes by Momfoodie. Whats better than a candy flavoured witch hat? One thats filled with treats certainly is.

A Halloween treat for children.

Witch Broom Class Treats

Made with pencils, lollipops and paper, what magic Exploring Domesticity used creating these fun Witch Broom Class Treats. Such a unique idea for school parties.

Witch themed Halloween treat

Witches Brew Candy Bark

How disgusting is this witches brew candy bark from Mom foodie? Kids will absolutely love this Halloween candy treat. I can just hear them laughing eating daring one another to eat an eyeball or frog. So fun.

witch hat cupcakes

Witch Hat Cupcakes Recipe

Make your favorite cupcake top with icing and sugar cones. Add some Halloween details and enjoy these wonderful Witch Hat Cupcakes from Crayons and Cravings.

A Halloween treat dessert recipe that looks like witches brew.

Witches Brew Spumoni Trifle

Is this dessert disgusting enough to serve at Halloween, you bet. I can’t say it is appealing, but then again I am not a 10 year old celebrating Halloween. Who can resist a juicy jello worm as part of this Witches Brew Halloween Dessert from Food Meanderings.

Very easy to make Witches Cupcakes

Easy Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Cheerfully coloured wicked witch cupcakes from BitznGiggles. These cupcakes are so fun, the witch doesn’t even match her stockings. You can make these cupcakes with store bought cupcakes if you really want to save time. So easy.

Fancy Caramel apple recipe with witch hats

Witchy Caramel Apples

Chocolate covered cones with sprinkles a layer of caramel and a juicy apple. BitznGiggles witchy caramel apples don’t just sound delicious they look really fun and exciting to try.

Chocolate covered pretzels Halloween treats that look like witches fingers

Halloween Pretzel Witch Fingers

Its amazing how real these look don’t you think? Homemade Hooplah created this very simple recipe for Witch Fingers using pretzels, melted candy and almond slices. A perfect addition to a Halloween party buffet.

A cauldron full of Halloween witch popcorn thats green with candy eyballs .

Melting Witch Candy Popcorn

Sweet green apple flavoured popcorn with chocolate eyeballs and little black witch hats. Lady Behind the Curtain created this fabulous Halloween recipe the munchkin and goblins are going to love.

Very easy chocolate witch cupcake recipe

Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes

This recipe for Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes had me when I saw the mint Oreos. Mint and chocolate are a magical combination and Simple Happy Foodie shows us how easy they are to put together

Halloween bark recipe perfect for a classroom or Halloween party

Melting Witch Halloween Bark

A Halloween Bark with a sweet savory combination of dark chocolate swirled into milk chocolate, green candy melts, chocolate covered bugle cookie witch hats, candy eyeballs and chocolate almond pretzel witch brooms.  A perfect Halloween party treat or dessert from Food Meanderings.

Dramatic and beautiful black and neon green witch hat cupcakes

The Easiest Witch Cupcakes

These Witch Cupcakes are made with canned frosting and you can buy the cupcakes as well. Nothing easier, but they sure have lots of drama. The source for this cupcake recipe is The Simple Sweet Life

Chocolate brownies with bubbling green icing down the side and a pretzel stir stick for the cauldron.

Bubbling Witch Cauldron Brownies

Oh my goodness these brownies are so cute!! These Bubbling Witch Cauldron Brownies from The First Year Blog look delicious with that thick layer of fun icing. What little goblin could resist them?

Halloween sugar cookie recipe that looks like witches hats and black cats.

Halloween Sugar Cookies

These black Halloween Sugar Cookies from Partylicious are Halloween perfection. I am thoroughly impressed with how flawlessly decorated these cookies are. She shares her secret for getting them this black without food colouring.

I know there are a few witch cupcake ideas on my post, but each one is different and some are more elaborate than others. I think its always good to have a choice and I found them all very well done.

Halloween witch cupcakes with green faces and sprarkly hats

Halloween Witch Cupcakes

Talk about cupcakes with pizazz, guests large or small would love to try these Witch Cupcakes from Preppy Kitchen

Halloween Witch Beverages

A witches brew recipe. How to make a drink for Halloween that is witch themed

Halloween Witches Brew Punch

Fanta orange and gummy works, thats all the ingredients you need to make this Halloween Witches Brew Punch from Two Kids and a Coupon

A recipe for non alcoholic Halloween punch.

Green Witch Halloween Punch

This Melting Witch Halloween Punch from Food Meanderings is certain to be a kids Halloween party favorite. I love how ooegy gooey and fizzy it looks, perfect for a witch gathering.

A bright green glass of witches brew with two eyeballs, worms and colourful straws.

Witches Brew

This Witches Brew recipe where you can add anything from gummy worms to plastic spiders to give it the Eek reaction. The recipe is from Served Up with Love

Halloween Meal and Appetizer Recipes

Less sugary ideas are always welcome at any holiday, including Halloween.  One of our family traditions was making something creepy for Halloween night and eating it before we went trick and treating.  There are some really great examples in these next posts.  Witch Hat garlic bread served with chunks of cheese, and a couple dollar store rats on the platter sure seems like fun. Or maybe some black pasta or witchy guacamole.  Lots of fun ideas I hope inspire you like they did me.

Garlic bread appetizers for halloween.

Witch Hat Garlic Bread

Easy as rolling and cutting, a fun quick Halloween appetizer idea from Huney I am Home

Witch themed black pasta for Halloween

Witches Hair Pasta

Isn’t this creepy? It is elegant though and perfect for a adult Halloween dinner party. Witches Hair Pasta by Sprinkles and Sprouts

A guacamole dip made to look like a witches shape.

Halloween Witch Chips and Guacamole

This fun little which face really makes you want to dig right in. Simple to put together and fantastic fun. What a great witch recipe for Halloween from Marathons and Motivation

Witch broom stick appetizers for Halloween

Easy Witches Broomstick Snacks

These quick and easy to put together Broomstick Snacks from Mom Foodie are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Little bundles of cheese and pretzels whipped up into a magic fun Halloween appetizer.

Pin This to Have it for a Witchy Enchanting Halloween!

A collection of different Halloween witch decor, witch crafts and witch themed Halloween recipes. There is a witch silhouette, witch cupcakes, a witches brew in a caldron a fun witch wreath, and witch gnomes around a cauldron.

Other Ideas for Halloween

A collection of ghosts for Halloween including a ghost dip recipe, ghost decoration on a mantel, a ghost cushion and ghost front yard decorations.

Ghosts for Halloween

Boo-yah fun post about all things ghastly, ghostly and spooky for Halloween. I gathers a load of Halloween ghost party foods, decorations, and costume ideas for Halloween.


  1. There are some amazing ideas in this round-up, especially creative food. Since the kids left the roost we’re that house with the porch lights off. But I’ve pinned your wonderful roundup for others to enjoy, like my kids who go all out at their houses on Halloween!

  2. Oh my Leanna, so many fun ideas to try out, I’m even tempted to try one or two of those recipes. and you know how bad I am in the kitchen 😀

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