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Dollar Store Easter Basket Idea for Teens

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Are you looking for an awesome DIY Easter basket to give to a teenage girl in your life? I put together these DIY Easter baskets for my two tween aged granddaughters for $20 each. The Easter baskets are themed around day journaling with loads of pretty stickers, pens, and of course journals.

Dollar Store Easter Basket Supplies

Two Easter baskets filled with pretty feminine office supplies.

The girls are becoming more independent and don’t want anything that’s considered little kid. So out with the wax crayons and colouring books, to be replaced by journals and planners.

Dollar store calender, journal, and pretty coloured pens for a Easter basket.

Of course there is stash of Easter candy, (a little candy, even their fathers look for their annual chocolate Easter Bunny. The dollar store has a decent selection of sugary goodness for Easter. My family has a tradition of Mr Crunchy, so I added one from Walmart, the other candy is dollarstore.

Chocolate Easter candy in a Easter gift basket for tweens. There are three chocolate eggs, a carrot shaped full of peanut butter reeses, and a bag of Cadbury Easter eggs.

After that shop for anything you can use for journaling, stickers are great, I found several including one with Grandma stickers.

Four different sets of pretty stickers for an Easter basket, cupcake stickers, stars, grandma stickers, and pretty pink candy stickers.

With the stickers I added some rubber stamps, glues stick and die cuts of feathers and flowers. Some other ideas include pretty rulers, double sided tape, a pencil case, washi tape, paper clips and alligator clips.

Chocolate Easter candy in a Easter gift basket for tweens. There are three chocolate eggs, a carrot shaped full of peanut butter reeses, and a bag of Cadbury Easter eggs.

Assembling the Easter Basket

Begin by decorating the basket with ribbon. Start at the front center of the basket. Feed the ribbon one rib, wrap it around to the back, making sure the pattern stays to the outside. Weave it through the back to hold the ribbon in place, feed it through the front, then tie a simple ribbon.

An empty pink Easter basket wrapped with ribbon and a bow.

If you want more directions I did up a video for you.

Once the basket has ribbon start layering your supplies with the largest at the back, I had a chocolate rabbit, the calendar and a journal.

Easter basket being filled showing the tallest items in the back first, a chocolate rabbit, journal and calendar.

Next place the your medium size articles, filtering them out so each one shows. I put all the stickers, glue.

Finally fill the front with Easter grass so the smaller items with show, and layer the smallest items like Easter eggs in the front.

A pink basket tied with pink ribbon and filled with stickers, office supplies and Easter candy eggs in various sizes. The dollar store Easter basket is for teens.
A DIY Easter basket for teens, using dollar store supplies and Easter candy.
A pink plastic storage container used as a Easter basket and then tied with ribbon. The basket is filled with journaling supplies like cupcake stickers, scratch n sniff candy stickers, Easter candy, fun stamps.

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  1. Carol Karl | Living a Real Life says:

    So cute! I wish we had a dollar store here in New Zealand. We have other stores which sell these things but it’s just not the same.

  2. Rachel - Tea and Forget-me-nots says:

    I’ve yet to meet a person of any age who doesn’t love a sticker!

    1. What a fun comment you made me laugh. You got that right, I certainly love them lol.

  3. It’s amazing how many useful and fun things you can pick up fairly cheap at dollar stores. I still make a basket for my son – and he’s 35.

    1. Right on Rosemary, there really are lots of great ideas for baskets at the dollar store. My grown sons still expect the same Mr. Munchy they got every year. A basket would be very useful, especially to the two who are single and don’t think of practical necessary home items.

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