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Dollar Store Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens

Are you looking for an awesome DIY Easter basket for the tween girl or teen girl in your life? I put together these DIY Easter baskets for my two tween aged granddaughters for $20 each.  Leaving the expensive items like tech gadgets to Mom and Dad, and this grama created some fun gift baskets using cheaper items I found from a quick trip to the Dollar Store.  

I had a great time Easter basket shopping at the Dollar Store. You can find numerous teen Easter basket ideas I could put in each girl’s easter basket with everything from cell phone cases to Easter goodies.  These  Easter baskets are themed around day journaling with loads of pretty stickers, pens, and of course journals. The pink baskets are so they have somewhere to place and keep all their journalling supplies.

Dollar Store Tween’s Easter Basket 

Two Easter baskets filled with pretty feminine office supplies.

The girls are becoming more independent and don’t want anything that’s considered good for younger children.  So out with the wax crayons and coloring books, to be replaced by journals and planners.  

Dollar store calender, journal, and pretty coloured pens for a Easter basket.

Of course, there is a stash of Easter goodies. I always add some candy, even the girl’s father looks for their annual chocolate Easter Bunny.)   The dollar store has a decent selection of sugary goodness for Easter.  My family has an Easter tradition of Mr. Crunchy, so I added one from Walmart. All the other candy you see in the Easter basket is from Dollar Store.

An Easter basket for teen's with stickers, chocolate rabbit, chocolate Easter eggs, stickers, stamps and other journal supplies.

After that shop for anything you can use for journaling. The sticker selection is great, I found several including one with Grandma stickers.  

Four different sets of pretty stickers for an Easter basket, cupcake stickers, stars, grandma stickers, and pretty pink candy stickers.

With the stickers, I added some rubber stamps, glue sticks, and die cuts of feathers and flowers.  Some other ideas include pretty rulers, double-sided tape, a pencil case, washi tape, paper clips, and alligator clips.

A pink basket tied with pink ribbon and filled with stickers, office supplies and Easter candy eggs in various sizes. The dollar store Easter basket is for teens.

Other Easter Basket Ideas for Young Girls

Besides journaling, think of something your 10 to 12-year-old girls will like.  The dollar store is full of great Easter basket ideas. The trick is to think of a theme so you have a basic Easter idea thought of ahead of time.  

Art supplies with different colors of paints or ribbon, some paint brushes assorted dollar store wall decals, and wood frame or canvas.  

Manicure or Nail Easter Basket

Nail supplies, I seriously considered this idea instead of the planners.  The dollar store has all sorts of nail supplies, even brand name nail polish. There is also nail polish remover, nail files, press-on nails, and fun toenail separators my girls would love.   Add some brightly colored flip-flops and foot cream and they can start playing and getting ready for the summer season.  

Craft Easter Basket

Dollar Store is constantly expanding the craft section with small kits.  I in particular like the needlepoint kits for the girls, or some crochet supplies.  They have crochet hooks and stitch markers, and lately, I saw good quality cotton yarn in size 4 which is perfect for beginners.  

Think of an activity-based Easter basket, my eldest granddaughter loves baking, so I could have gotten her everything for baking cupcakes.  Starting with a large plastic bowl, then grab the cake mix, fun whisks, paper cupcake liners, all sorts of fun sprinkles, and even simple-to-use Dollar Store cake decorating bags with ends included.  You may even find a good little cookbook to include.  Using the large plastic bowl as a basket so there is no additional cost.

Beauty Product Easter Basket

Another pretty obvious choice for fun Easter basket ideas would be beauty products.  My granddaughters and I have spent a few Friday nights using Dollar Store facemasks and hair holders.  The girls love doing that, beauty items make great easter baskets, face masks, pimple patches, hair holders, lip gloss, makeup brush sets, and a plethora of different makeup gadgets or makeup to play with.  I would include makeup removal pads though. 

Assembling the Teen’s Easter Basket

Begin by decorating the basket with ribbon.  Start at the front center of the basket.  Feed the ribbon one rib, wrap it around the back, and ensure the pattern stays outside.  Weave it through the back to hold the ribbon in place, feed it through the front, and then tie a simple ribbon.  

An empty pink Easter basket wrapped with ribbon and a bow.

If you want more directions I did up a video for you.

Once the basket has ribbon start layering your supplies with the largest at the back, I had a chocolate rabbit, the calendar, and a journal. 

Easter basket being filled showing the tallest items in the back first, a chocolate rabbit, journal and calendar.

Next place your medium sized articles, filtering them out so each one show. I put in all the stickers, and the glue.

Finally fill the front with Easter grass so the smaller items will show, and layer the smallest items like chocolate eggs in the front.

A pink basket tied with pink ribbon and filled with stickers, office supplies and Easter candy eggs in various sizes. The dollar store Easter basket is for teens.

I very much enjoyed my trip looking for cute ideas for Easter baskets, it was a great way to spend an hour wandering around.  And thanks to writing this blog post I have a few more ideas for next year as well.  There are so many fun finds you can see at the dollar store for this age group, and because of the price point, I could afford to load the teen girl’s baskets up with pretty much everything I liked.  When Easter morning came around and their baskets were set up at their place setting they were really excited to check out all the different stuff, and not too surprising their favorite was the loads of stickers.

pretty DIY home pin it logo with a house icon.
Two Easter baskets for tweens made using Dollar Store supplies. Both baskets have a journaling theme. There are calendars, notebooks, stickers, stamps, office supplies and fun pens in the baskets.

Other DIY Easter Gift Ideas

DIY Easter Mason Jar Gift for Tweens

Simple easy to make DIY Easter mason jar gifts with folded hidden cash inside as a surprise.

Small Peat Pot Basket Gift Ideas

Combine the love of a handmade Easter gift with assorted inexpensive purchased Easter treats. You can use these DIY Easter baskets as a pretty way to gift items you would never just hand to someone, think of gift cards, scratch tickets , snacks for men like peanuts and beef jerky.

Jenny Lynn


  1. Carol Karl | Living a Real Life says:

    So cute! I wish we had a dollar store here in New Zealand. We have other stores which sell these things but it’s just not the same.

  2. Rachel - Tea and Forget-me-nots says:

    I’ve yet to meet a person of any age who doesn’t love a sticker!

    1. What a fun comment you made me laugh. You got that right, I certainly love them lol.

  3. It’s amazing how many useful and fun things you can pick up fairly cheap at dollar stores. I still make a basket for my son – and he’s 35.

    1. Right on Rosemary, there really are lots of great ideas for baskets at the dollar store. My grown sons still expect the same Mr. Munchy they got every year. A basket would be very useful, especially to the two who are single and don’t think of practical necessary home items.

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