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DIY Carpet Cleaning: How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet and Stairs

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

Why am I writing a cleaning post today? Where’s the fun in that?  Its because I solved a painful, exasperating, never ending, and oh so annoying problem I have with dog hair in carpet.  Isn’t removing dog hair from carpet the worst?  I found a hack on how to get dog hair out of carpet diy and had to share it.

Hubs and I met late in life after all the munchkins were grown, but we got a fur baby dog we adore.  We got our Great Pyrenees puppy on family day Monday and bought a steam cleaner on the Friday.  I love the big lug, accept the mess willingly, laugh and say hair is a condiment.  But I have definitely had some cleaning challenges to solve.  Today I am weirdly proud to share this hack for how to get dog hair out of carpet diy, and more specifically from carpeted stairs.

How to clean up after a pet.

Best Tool for Removing Dog Hair from Carpet

If you have a large, long haired dog or cat, I am sure you have a the best tool for removing dog hair from carpet, your already owned pet grooming brush.  This dog brush is  8 years old, pup hates this brush so I always comb him. I should have Konmari’d the dog hair brush out of here, but somehow it missed the purge.  Which made this hack free!

How to get hair out of carpet with a pet brush .

Our pet hair brush has sharp teeth on one side that is perfect for short shag, or pile carpet.  I don’t recommend using it for tight pile carpet. For looped piled carpet those sharp teeth may pull the threads out, so I suggest flipping it over and use the array of tiny wires on the other side.  It won’t go as deep as the teeth, but I doubt it will snag.

A dog hair brush on top of carpet showing the amount of hair it removed.

Here is the carpeted stairs in all its fur matted glory.  (I hope you can see it  alright)  Pup’s hair get buried down in the carpet pile, and its impossible to get to, especially underneath the stair front, along the stair risers, and even the edges.

The before picture of dirty  carpeted stairs with lots of dog hair.

The mini power head doesn’t fit, and using the hose nozzle doesn’t get all the hairs out.  I am so tired of rubbing the carpet with my fingertips to try and get it out.  But the narrower dog brush fits everywhere, and its strong and sturdy. This ended up being an easy way to remove dog hair from carpet without a vacuum.

How to remove dog hair from carpet without a vacuum.  The picture shows even the smallest vacuum head is too large to fit, but a pet comb fits nicely.
Using a dog hair comb to remove dog hair from carpeted stairs.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

Starting with the teeth side, and light pressure where ever you get tonnes of puppy traffic.  The top of the stairs for example.  As you can see it gets right in the corners, and pulls the carpet pile fibers up. 

Once the carpet piles are lifted up and some of the dog hair as well, switch to the other side and get the remaining hairs using the fine wired side.

After I get the top of the stairs.

The underside of the stair fronts.

Getting pet hair off of carpeted stairs using a pet brush.

The riser portion of the stairs.

Finally the side parts. 

Removing dog hair off of carpet with a pet brush, on the sides of the stairs where there isn't much space.

I continue on to the next stair.

Once I have all the stairs “de-furred” I just vacuum like usual.

I don’t have to do this hack all the time, but once a month works.  It takes about half an hour to do the stairs with the pet grooming brush.  I believe I gain those minutes back because I don’t have to struggle trying to get into the difficult areas with the hose etc.  So much easier, I really love a easy no cost solution.

Removing the Dog Smell

You will find getting rid of the dog hair will reduce the puppy scent significantly. If you still find your carpet has a scent you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, let it set for an hour and then give it a very thorough vacuuming. I think the final results will impress you.

An adorable puppy with a thick coat of dog hair. Sweet and cuddy and fuzzy and furry.

I have a Dog Ideas Board on Pinterest where I keep all my dog posts, idea, and hints. If you have a dog check it out there are lots of ideas for our much loved pets.

Other Posts About Caring for a Dog

Here are a couple of other ideas we have had while living with our big fur baby.

A DIY waterproof feeding mat for pets, The pet placemat is very large, covered in pretty blue, green, and teal fabric, with two large pet food bowls and a small fabric bone cloth placemat for snacks.

DIY Dog Feeding Mat

This DIY dog feeding mat helps keep the hardwood floors dry, the purchased waterproof mats just weren’t big or strong enough for our dog. Its three years old now and still works well I just clean it with a scrub brush.

A DIY dog ramp with printed paw prints for outdoors.

Outdoor Dog Ramp for Over Stairs

Unfortunately our fur babies start to age all too soon. Our dog is starting to have trouble navigating the back stairs so we designed and built him his very own DIY Dog Ramp and fit it over our existing stairs.

Little terrier with two homemade dog toys.``

DIY Dog Toys for Cheap

Meet my other loved pet dog, this little australian terrier belong to my granddaughters and when they go on trips I get to dog sit him. Him and my big lug will play tug of war together so I made them some cheap DIY Dog Toys, using leftover fabric and rags.


  1. Another tip: Those croc shoes so many seem to hate? Use the bottoms to gather up hair. The material they are made of will pull the hair out of carpet, chairs etc… I used to slide along my mother’s carpet wearing them and the amount of German Shephard hair they picked up even after she just vacuumed was amazing. I now have a retired pair that I cleaned in the dishwasher to clean my furniture. I have 4 cats and they are a life saver.

    1. Thats a great tip. Hubs has this ugly old pair of crocs he refused to ditch. I will try this, and thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this amazing and very cost effective DIY hack! All the pet owners though love their pets to death but falling hair getting entangled at different place makes that entire experience of loving and caring for pets a little tedious.

  3. Absolutely brilliant Leanna and I love how you said dog hair is a condiment 😀 With 8 fur babies in our home, hair is a constant struggle, but one I would live with every single day gladly. We don’t have too many carpets in the house, thank goodness, but on my word the furniture. I’ll give your brush a try. Thanks so much

  4. Definitely showing both of my kids this post because they both have three cats and two large dogs. Pinned

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