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Easy Way to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet and Stairs

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A Quick and Effective Hack to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet

I don’t write about cleaning, mainly because we do and have done way too much of it.  So why am I writing a cleaning post today? Where’s the fun in that?  Its because I solved a painful, exasperating, never ending, and oh so annoying problem I have with dog hair and thought you may have the same issue.  Isn’t removing dog hair from carpet the worst?  Seconded by laundry, and the car, and our clothes lol. So today I am going to share how to remove dog hair out of carpet.

Hubs and I met late in life after all the munchkins were grown, but we got a fur baby dog we adore.  We got our Great Pyrenees puppy on family day Monday eight years ago and bought a steam cleaner on the Friday.  I love the big lug, accept the mess willingly, laugh and say hair is a condiment.  But I have definitely had some cleaning challenges to solve.  Today I am weirdly proud to share this hack for removing pet dog hair from carpet, and more specifically from carpeted stairs. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, this little hack made me so happy, I had to share it.

In the main areas of the floor, I just vacuum all the time, but in the high traffic areas, like where puppy lays to sleep, or heaven help me the stairs, the carpet power head just doesn’t work well.  Because dog hair is a fact of life in our home, I have burned through three power heads, and two small hand held power heads, and two steam cleaners conquering hair.

If your new to the blog, let me introduce you to Exhibit A.  He’s not too sure about the camera, but I managed to snap a picture between tossing him snack to catch in the air.

How to clean up after a pet.

Supplies for Cleaning Dog Hair from Carpet

As unique as it is for me to write about cleaning, its also very typical for me to talk about cost.  This hack is free!  My favorite term!If you have a large, long haired pet dog or cat, I am sure you have a pet grooming brush.  This dog brush is  8 years ago, he hates it so I typically use a metal comb to brush him a little bit every day.  I should have Konmari’d it out of here, but somehow it missed the purge.  Yeah!

Using a pet brush to remove dog hair embedded in carpet and lift up the fibres so they look nice.

Our pet hair brush has sharp teeth on one side that is perfect for short shag, or pile carpet.  I don’t recommend using it for pile carpet. For looped piled carpet those sharp teeth may pull the threads out, so I suggest flipping it over and use the array of tiny wires on the other side.  

Showing both sides of a pet grooming brush used for cleaning dog hair out of carpet.

Exhibit B isn’t anywhere near as adorable.  Here are the stairs in all their fur matted glory.  (I hope you can see it  alright)  Pup’s hair get buried down in the carpet pile, and is impossible to get to, especially underneath the stair front, along the stair risers, and even the edges.

Dirty stairs full of dog hair.

The mini power head doesn’t fit, and using the hose nozzle doesn’t get all the hairs out.  I am so tired of rubbing the carpet with my fingertips to try and get it out.  But the narrower dog brush fits everywhere, and its strong and sturdy.

A photo that illustrates the difficulty of removing dog hair from carpeted stairs.
A picture showing the before and after of how to clean dog hair out of your carpet.

Starting with the teeth side, and light pressure where ever you get tonnes of puppy traffic.  The top of the stairs for example.  As you can see it gets right in the corners, and pulls the carpet pile fibers up. 

Once the carpet piles are lifted up and some of the dog hair as well, switch to the other side and get the remaining hairs using the fine wired side.

After I get the top of the stairs.

The underside of the stair fronts.

How to remove dog hair from difficult areas of carpeted stairs.

The riser portion of the stairs.

Finally the side parts. 

Cleaning hard to reach area of carpet using a dog brush. Works well for pulling dog hair out of carpet.

I continue on to the next stair.

Once I have all the stairs “de-furred” I just vacuum like usual.

I don’t have to do this hack all the time, but once a month works.  It takes about half an hour to do the stairs with the pet grooming brush.  I believe I gain those minutes back because I don’t have to struggled trying to get into the difficult areas with the hose etc.  So much easier.

An easy cleaning hack for removing pet hair from carpet and stairs.

Here are a couple of other ideas we have had while living with our big fur baby.

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A DIY floor cloth for protecting wood floors.

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  1. Thanks for this amazing and very cost effective DIY hack! All the pet owners though love their pets to death but falling hair getting entangled at different place makes that entire experience of loving and caring for pets a little tedious.

  2. Absolutely brilliant Leanna and I love how you said dog hair is a condiment 😀 With 8 fur babies in our home, hair is a constant struggle, but one I would live with every single day gladly. We don’t have too many carpets in the house, thank goodness, but on my word the furniture. I’ll give your brush a try. Thanks so much

  3. Definitely showing both of my kids this post because they both have three cats and two large dogs. Pinned

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