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Fabric Carrots DIY – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Primitive Fabric Carrots for Neutral Easter Decor

Add something a bit different to your home this season with these adorable fabric carrots DIY project! All you need is some neutral scrap fabric, stuffing, and a few basic craft supplies to whip up these decorations in no time. Get creative this Spring and make something thats both beautiful and all your own.

Gather Fabric Carrot Materials

Gather your materials making sure to check your stash first. You can make these DIY fabric carrots in any colours you love. If you don’t have the exact fabric scraps you like, I would check out those wonderful fabric quarter bundles. Besides the fabric you will need a few simple sewing supplies.

If you have an old unused cushion recycle the batting stuffing. The diy carrots use very little stuffing you would have more than enough.

If you have to buy batting, I suggest pricing the cheapest polyester stuffed bed pillow you can find. It often costs less than buying the actual batting.

Four different neutral scrap fabric pieces for sewing fabric carrots.

Scrap fabric or fabric quarters


Fabric Carrot Pattern

Very large eyed needle



Twine for gathering

Natural rope (dollar store)

Thin Wire

Hot Glue

Buttons, ribbon, rickrack (optional)

iron (optional)

Create the Carrot Shape and Sew Together

Download the fabric carrot pattern and cut out as many carrot shapes as you like.

A stuffed carrot pattern laid out on top of plaid fabric.
Stacks of cut outs from a carrot pattern before sewing. All the fabric carrot cutouts are in patterned neutral colours.

Sew a zig zag stitch along the top of each fabric carrot cut out regardless of the closure style you choose.

We will finish the long seam that holds the fabric together later, so don’t edge it now.

Two Fabric Carrot Style Choices

As I want to make several primitive fabric carrots I wanted to find ways to make them stand out from one another. You have a choice between a plain seam top and a ruffled top. I will show you how to do both easy styles.

Two styles of different sewing methods for fabric carrots. It shows two with a plain seam top, and two with a ruffled top.

Plain Seam Fabric Carrot Top Instructions

If you want a seamed closure to your stuffed carrot fold the top over and press. Cut a piece of twine about 18 inches long. While sewing the fold at the top of the carrot place and hold the twine in the fold while you sew the arrow seam closed. You may find it easier to use pins, I didn’t as the seam is quite short.

Repeat for all the other fabric carrots your making.

Ruffled Edge Fabric Carrot Top Instructions

Leave the top of your carrot fabric with the zig zag showing. Using the large eyed needle and 18 ” length of twine create a ruffle across each carrot. Start about an inch from the top and work the 1/4″ gathering running stitches across the carrot.

Sewing Embellishments

If you choose to add little buttons and embellishments on your cloth carrots like I did. I suggest sewing them on before just before you sew the carrots closed.

Three fabric carrot pattern cutouts with embellishments like buttons on the front.  Before sewing the fabric carrot closed.

I have a huge jar of vintage white buttons it took eons to find any pairs, but I did score that cute daisy button. If you prefer to glue on buttons after sewing to decorate the carrots the choice is yours.

Sewing the Fabric Carrots Closed

Fold the carrot cut out in half lengthwise, good sides facing. Pull the twine pull closure to the top and out of the way of the sewing machine. Sew a narrow 1/8 inch seam along the length of the carrot being cautious not to sew in the pull twines. In the next image you can see the zig zag edge, the narrow seam and the starting point for the closure thats just below the twine.

A close up of the seams of a carrot sewing pattern for making fabric carrots.

The closure seam is very narrow, so once sewn turn your carrot over and resew the entire length using a small zig zag stitch to seal the fabric edges. Doing both seams at once saves time and strengthen the narrow seam.

Check to make sure the seam is closed. If not resew.

Turn the carrot right side out. Repeat with the remaining carrots.

Stuff Your Carrots with Batting

Once your fabric carrot is all sewn up, you’re ready to stuff the carrots. This is easy to do with a couple of quick hints.

When stuffing the bottom of your carrot where the tip is pack your batting in as much as you can. This makes the point rigid and gives it a better shape.

For the upper portions of the carrot don’t overstuff the carrot, by leaving this batting less packed it reduces the chances of lumps and bumps in the filling. Once the carrot it stuffed, finish all the remaining carrots and set aside while we create the carrot tops.

A Spring centerpiece of three fabric carrots in a galvanized tray surrounded by greenery.

Creating Carrot Tops for the Fabric Carrots

To complete the look of your DIY fabric carrots, you’ll need to add a neutral coloured top. This time I used dollar store twine rope. Cut the rope in 8 inch lengths. Holding one end divide the rope into individual strands. I suggest the larger rope instead of plain twine because it gives the string a fun curl.

A quick hint, it will be easier to untangle the rope if you start in the middle, pull and work outwards.

Making carrot tops for fabric carrots by taking apart a twine rope. A twine rop causes the tops to be curly.

Wrap the end tightly with wire to hold the end. Set aside and repeat for all the other carrots. The next image shows the bundled top with the wire, but it has the hot glue added just before placing in the carrot bottom.

An image showing the end of handmade carrot top, using detangled rope, that been attached using wire at the bottom.

Assembling and Decorating the Fabric Carrots

This is the fun part when you finally get to see the variety of carrots you made.

Begin by adding a large dollop of hot glue to each carrot top on the end with the wire. Push that end down inside the carrot into the batting. And hold it.

A stuffed fabric carrot thats been sewn with the top attached the picture shows how to pregather the opening, close the carrot and hold the top in place.

Gently gather the top of each carrot a little bit, apply hot glue inside the carrot fabric edge on the inside.

Once glued pull the closure tight, being careful not to break the twine.

Four different primitive fabric carrots laying inside a rustic wood tray for Spring decor.

Tying the Carrot Closure

The tails of the twine will come out on the back of the carrot where the seam is. I wrapped the twine in the back of the carrot, flipped it over, took on tail of twine and wrapped it around the carrot a couple of times before tying it in the front with in a pretty bow.Tie in a pretty bow.

Adding the final touches to a stuffed fabric carrot. The carrot is in neutral plaid the bow is cream twine and the fabric carrot top is curly twine.

Decorate each carrot with button, tiny paper flowers, extra ribbon, tags, farmhouse beads, or wrap in paper bundles.

Spring decor featuring fabric carrots in neutral colours with white tulips and greenery.

Other Scrap Fabric Carrot Posts

I have made bright and cheerful carrots before because they are so versatile for filling trays and centerpieces. Not to mention they are really fun to decorate and make unique.

A simple Easter craft, sew some adorable stuffed carrots. The carrots are orange polka dot fabric with a cute Easter bunny guarding in the background.

Brightly Coloured Carrots with Felt Leaves

These brightly coloured carrots with felt leaves are also easy to make with a more realistic colour. I have recently seen these copied, for sale at a home decor store, but these brightly coloured fabric carrots are much nicer.

Easy to sew fabric carrot Easter banner.

Fabric Carrot Banner Idea

This post will show you how to make your fabric carrots into a banner. So many ways to decorate with them I truly never have too many.

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Carrot Cushion DIY Easter Gift

These cheerful giant carrot pillows made my little girls really excited when they saw them for Easter, along with a stuffed Easter bunny. They are easy to sew, and the grand daughters loved them for laying on the floor.


  1. shirley S says:

    What a fun little activity. It looks professionally made. I am going to try my hand at this, hopefully, I can make them look as good as yours.

  2. Your fabric carrots are so sweet, Leanna! I love the patterns you chose and the button embellishments. Pinning!

    1. Thank you very much Crissy. Next year I need to add labels like you did to your fabric carrots. So cute.

  3. This DIY is so stinkin’ cute! I love that you used neutral fabrics too – totally up my alley 🙂

    1. Thank you for the feedback Jelica. I am really happy you like them. They are fun to make as well.

  4. Niki | Life as a LEO Wife says:

    These are so cute! I love the neutral look. I’m featuring your post on today’s Crafty Creators. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s excellent Niki. Thank you so much for the feature and for letting me know. Much appreciated.

  5. Lynne Zemaitis says:

    What a wonderful Spring project, Leanna! I am excited to feature your post at this week’s Tuesday Turn About link party. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Eureka Lynn! Thank you so much for the feature. I am just starting to do link parties again and am loving it. I will pop over and see. Hugs and thanks.

  6. Oh, Leanna, these are gorgeous. They’ve got your signature all over them. I love the rustic twine leaves. So lovely.

    1. Thank you Michelle, I am glad you see a certain “signature look” with my projects. I certainly do with yours. Thanks for letting me know I appreciate the comment.

  7. This is a fabulous spring diy! I love the fabric color you chose and how you added the jute too. I love neutrals because they’re easy to decorate with in every season. Pinning this now and hope you have the best day, CoCo

    1. Thank you Coco. Our new to us home is much smaller so I am trying to keep the decor neutral year around so it all blends and looks bigger.

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