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Halloween Doormat DIY

Easy Halloween Porch Decoration

Halloween porch decorations are so much fun to make and every year they get more popular. They don’t have to be fancy, gaudy is encouraged, I find Halloween decorating is much more free “spirited”. If I was only going to decorate my porch for one holiday I would pick Halloween. I think Halloween porch decorations are the funnest to make of all the holidays. You just know kids are going to enjoy it.

Other than stealing the trick or treaters candy from your Halloween candy I think decorating for Halloween is one of the easiest ways for us oldies to enjoy Halloween. Once our Halloween front porch is done I cannot wait for the little trick and treaters to arrive.

We did several DIY Halloween decorations to use on our front porch, I will link all the other DIY Halloween decorations at the bottom of this post. n Lets get started making this easy and really quick Halloween doormat porch decoration.

A dollar store Halloween doormat on a Halloween porch. The mat is small and black with the word BOO and a fun ghost drawn on it.

This Halloween door mat for your front porch takes maybe five minutes, and is such a festive addition to the everyday welcome mat.

Halloween Doormat Supplies

Black fabric Dollar Store doormat

White Dollar Store chalkpaint pen

Black Sharpie Pen

Wooden 8-10″ Ghost or other Halloween cutout

Dollar Store B, and O letters (optional)

Everytime I see a cute seasonal wood cutout at the Dollar Tree I grab them and put them in my collection.

Dollar store wood cutouts for Halloween patterns

For this Halloween doormat you will need a wood ghost cutout to use as a template. These little cutouts are the perfect inexpensive pattern for various holiday crafts. For Halloween I have a cat, pumpkins, some letters, a ghost, and a haunted house. Instead of using them for crafts I save them as simple templates. You can customize your Halloween doormat to whatever theme you like, I am certain the dollar store will have something you like.

A small black doormat, a wooden dollarstore ghost and a white chalkpen. Supplies for making a quick inexpensive Halloween front porch decoration.

Our porch has two mats most of the year, a large plaid cloth one, and a large doormat that says Welcome. Ordinarily I find the dollar store doormats too small and thin to be practical, but it makes them perfect for a layered mat look. This small simple black one works very well for a Halloween DIY decoration. It was $2 the chalkpen, and wooden ghost were both $1.25

How to Make a Halloween Doormat Decoration

Lay the doormat out flat, then place the ghost whereever you like. If using letters place the ghost to the right of the doormat. I decided to do mine last minute while finishing the Halloween porch decor, its such a busy time of year I really had no inclination to fuss too much with it. I didn’t bother digging out the BOO letters I have and chose to just quickly drew mine.

Once your mat and ghost are in place, trace the ghost outline with the chalk pen including the facial features.

Remove the ghost and retrace the outline to make it more distinct.

A black Halloween doormat with a white chalk ghost and the word BOO. A halloween decoration for the front porch.

If using wood letters, repeat the process with the letter B, and twice with the letter O. I first wrote the word out lightly and then repeated it to make it darker and cover up any uneven parts.

Wood letters that will be a pattern for a Halloween doormat. The letters spell BOO.

If you happen to make an error use the Sharpie black pen to cover it up.

I think the black Halloween mat looks great on its own, but the dollar store ones really don’t function very well. You can use it on its own of course, but I bet it will look good covering the center of your current mat as a second layer.

This DIY Halloween doormat really is really is very easy, don’t you think? You can do it with kids as well.

A cute Halloween doormat diy craft in black and white. A simple black doormat with a fun ghost and BOO written on it.

Other Halloween Porch Decorations

A DIY Halloween decoration sitting outside surrounded by pumpkins. The ghostly Halloween decoration looks like a large cute dog in a ghost costume.

Halloween DIY Dog in Costume Decoration

This Halloween DIY dog in a costume decoration is the main feature of our Halloween front porch. He lights up and I cannot wait to see the trick and treaters reactions.

Two DIY tree for Halloween outdoor decor. The trees are tall with lots of lights and branches. Both are in the front yard.

Spooky Tree Halloween Outdoor Decor

These fun Halloween outdoor decor trees are made using branches and dollar store bat decorations. The post includes two ways to stabilize the spooky Halloween trees depending on placement.

Large DIY Halloween outdoor decoration sign with ghosts and ghostly sayings.

Halloween Outdoor Decorations DIY Sign

An inexpensive outdoor Halloween decoration. This not too spooky Halloween DIY sign is made using a scrap wood peg and dollar store supplies.

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