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Halloween Outdoor Decorations DIY Sign

Whether you want to create your own creepu Halloween outdoor decorations that are one of a kind, or need to decorate outside for Halloween on a budget, simple DIY Halloween decorations like this adorable DIY yard sign is a quick way to add some fun to your flower beds or driveway. This little sign adds a small amount of creepy and scary to your front yard for Halloween.

DIY Halloween Sign Supplies

Dollar Tree Sparkling Signs

1″ by 2″ lumber of scrap wood

Black spray paint

Wood glue

Air nails or finishing nails

I purchased one ghost sign, and a Halloween hanging decoration for our sign.

Small dollar store Halloween graphic signs in a ghost theme.

There are all types of fun sparkly small signs at the dollar stores, but I find them all to be quite small. You can even find Halloween yard signs like this at the dollar store, but they are Much too small. I did have a ghost themed yard sign in my cart at a my favorite decor store. It was $15 in Canada,quite a bit smaller than this one. Putting this DIY Halloween together sign took ten minutes, and cost $4 as we had a piece of leftover fencing board to use as the peg.

As I redo our Halloween decorations every year I am more concerned with making them creepy, fun and cute as possible for as cheap as possible. I want this sign to last for one season, I don’t think a poly coating would weatherproof it enough to protect the dollar store signs. If we get a heavy rain I don’t think it will hold up to the weather. For the blog I put it in the ground two weeks before Halloween. If we have rain in the forecast I will place a garbage bag over top with a twist tie so its still great for Halloween.

If you want to try and protect yours, I saw people are applying polyurethane to protect them and then placing glue along all the edges of the signs.

How to Make a DIY Halloween Yard Sign

To make the stake of your Halloween yard sign, cut a piece of 1 by 2″ lumber into a five foot length or scrap wood 2 inches wide and about 3-4 feet tall. At the bottom cut a deep V shaped point for placing into the ground.

A can of black spray paint and scrap wood peg with one end cut to a sharp point,

Spray or paint the stake any Halloween colour you have on hand. I used black. The dollar store signs likely won’t last for years, so I don’t think it matters if the paint is interior or exterior. Let dry.

Place your small Halloween signs along the wood peg, in a haphazard pattern. Once you like the look lift each sign up and place glue along the stake where the sign will be. Repeat for each sign.

Applying white wood glue to a black wood peg for making a Halloween sign.

I wasn’t confident that the glue would hold the small signs in place, if there was a heavy wind. To make sure the signs hold Hubs added an air nail to each one to tack it in place. If you don’t have an air nailer suggest using a couple of finishing nails in each aign. Finishing nails won’t show too much and will add a little extra support to the glue.

The little ghost doesn’t look too happy with the air nailer coming at him. Poor little guy, it will be over soon.

Using an air nailer to attach a wood ghost to a DIY Halloween sign

To place the Halloween yard sign we just pounded the stake the ground using a hammer.

If your wanting to see me put the Halloween outdoor decoration sign together I did a very casual video of me working out in the garage.

A large Halloween decoration placed in a flower bed with those decorations and a boo and a spooky sign.

Here is a distance image of our fun and not too scary Ghost sign sitting alongside the driveway and welcoming people to the Halloween front porch.

A fun ghostly Halloween porch decor, with a porch ghost, spooky trees, a ghost signs and load of pumpkins.

Other DIY Halloween Decorations for Outdoors

Our porch this year includes several simple DIY Halloween decoration made cheaply using dollar store supplies. Here are links and examples of the other quick projects we made for Halloween.

A large Halloween tree DIY Halloween outdoor decor with candles, bats and a large crow for Halloween.

Spooky Tree Halloween Outdoor Decor

Using old branches, dollar store bats and small candles you can make two spooky tree Halloween decor ideas near your front entry including two ideas for making them stable that works.

A DIY Halloween decoration sitting outside surrounded by pumpkins. The ghostly Halloween decoration looks like a large cute dog in a ghost costume.

Halloween DIY Decoration Dog in Ghost Costume

This little Halloween dog ghost in a costume decoration lights up for the front porch, and we put it together for $20. He takes about half an hour to put together and I share a really casual video of us making him in our kitchen.

With the Dog Ghost in a costume decoration I decided not to place a wreath on our front door. The door looked rather boring so I made this Halloween doormat at the last minute.

A dollar store Halloween doormat on a Halloween porch. The mat is small and black with the word BOO and a fun ghost drawn on it.

Halloween Doormat DIY

A simple $5 DIY Halloween doormat for Halloween using dollar store mat, and chalk pens.

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