Round Farmhouse End Table DIY Refinishing

We have a local auction house that has an auction every Sunday, its usually pretty bad but every once in awhile they have an item that is worth purchasing. Unfortunately with the constant lockdowns the auction is online only, so I purchased this little round vintage accent table without viewing it and it looked pretty great online.

Vintage round access table in brown wood that is unlevel and crooked.

It is pretty great actually but the previous owners had “prepped” it for the auction by quickly gluing it together and unfortunately they did not bother to make it level. No problem its just a few extra steps and even better Hubs said he’d do it for me. I love the style of this vintage table and knew immediately where I want to do with it.

Dismantling and Repairing a Vintage Round Table

Supplies We Used

Gorilla Glue, Cargo Cord

120 & 150 Sandpaper

Zinsser Primer

Fusion Mineral Paint, Limestone (cream) and Picket Fence (white)

Paint Brushes

Taking the table apart is pretty easy. We were able to cautiously and carefully pry apart every seam with little trouble. For some of the badly glued wood seams we had to insert the blade of an utility knife into the wood seams, but the majority of the glued point fell apart with a little twist.

Tearing apart a vintage round end table into seperate pieces so that it can be fixed, levelled and repaired.

Once we had the table dismantled we took 120 grit sandpaper and removed all the glue residue in the seams. Then Hubs got busy putting it together, being careful to use a level to keep everything even and balanced.

Starting at the base Hubs began by gluing the four legs into the lower base using Gorilla wood glue. There wasn’t an easy way to use even large clamps to hold all four legs together while the glue dried. Instead we used a large cargo strap and with me making sure it stayed level Hubs tightened the strap to hold it in place. We left it overnight to dry.

Using bungee straps to glue together wood table legs on a farmhouse end table refinish.

The next day Hubs placed the remaining parts together using Gorilla glue to hold them in place, and made sure the table base was perfectly level before placing the table top on.

Leveling the base on a old round farmhouse end table with a small level.

The table top fit on using wooden pegs, we kept turning the table and placing the level on top, the third time the table top was finally level.

Leveling the base on a old round farmhouse end table with a small level.

The table was not hard to put together, it just took some persistence, but it was not hard to complete. Hubs did it in a couple of hours.

Once the table was on I filled and sanded some wood cracks using wood filler. Smoothed them with 120 grit sandpaper and then finished the preparations by sanding the remaining parts of the table with the 120 sandpaper just to remove the shine.

Refinishing a Round Vintage Farmhouse Style Accent Table

Now that the table is back together it is really easy to finish.

Applying a coat of primer to a vintage round accent table.

Begin with a coating of zinsser primer, I did not sand it off afterwards.

Then I added a complete coat of Fusion mineral paint in Limestone. Limestone is a light creamy colour. To fully cover the table I let it dry for two hours and then added a second coat of Raw Silk.

Once the Raw Silk is dry sand it lightly with 150 grit sandpaper.

A vintage round wood table refinished in white paint and decorated with pretty Spring flowers, a lamp and free printable Honey photo.end table refinished in white paint with farmhouse decor. A simple and Easy DIY project using paint.

Apply a third coat using Fusion mineral paint in Picket Fence. I think Picket Fence is the brightest white colour Fusion sells so of course its my favorite. Apply the Picket Fence lightly without looking for full coverage. This allows hints of raw silk to peak through.

Let the table dry overnight, the next day using 150 grit sandpaper distress the entire table so that the Limestone shows through the Picket Fence.

An old drum table refinished with white and cream paint, and then decorated with pretty neutral farmhouse decor.

The blog has been very quiet lately because both Hubs and I have been busy refreshing our home. This little table is part of our living room update and we are excited to show you the before and afters.

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A collage showing the before and after photos of an old table being refinished in white paint for an inexpensive farmhouse living room end table.

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  1. I know exactly what auction house you got this pretty table from. We got our hardwood floors there for a song and so many other things. Hubby watches those auctions like a hawk. LOL The table makeover is stunning, Leanna!

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